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Published on March 13th, 2009 | by Darren Byrne


Movie News 13/03/09

  • Pennywise the ClownContinuing my churn through the latest movie news, I have found yet another horror classic is to be rehashed remade. Stephen King’s It, the stuff of many a childhood nightmare will return to the big screen. Is there anyone creepier than Tim Curry who could play Pennywise?

  • Kind of non-news this: Keira Knightley will not return for the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie. She’s had enough of the franchise. Haven’t we all?

  • A bunch of release dates announced: Thor will be out in June 2011, Iron Man 2 in May 2010, Captain America will see the light of day in May 2010, as will Spiderman 4 and The Avengers movie won’t hit the screens until May 2012. It’s all so very far away…

  • Even Lex Luthor isn’t escaping from the current economic downturn (from Funny or Die):

“Lex Luthor Bailout” with Jon Hamm from Jon Hamm

  • The Sorcerers Apprentice is getting a live action shake up with Nicholas Cage as the Sorcerer and Alfred Molina as the big bad evil guy. Not sure what to think about this one. Nick Cage and Fantasia……we’ll see.

  • Finally today, check out the new trailer for Depression era bank robber movie, Public Enemies:

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2 Responses to Movie News 13/03/09

  1. Lottie says:

    There’s just something about Jon Hamm – I can’t put my finger on it. When I first saw him in mad Men I didn’t think he was all that but then you watch him for a few minutes and you can’t take your eyes from him.

    Don Draper rocks!

  2. Darren says:

    Actually, I didn’t even spot it was him. Very cool guy.

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