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Published on March 14th, 2009 | by Grandad


My first ever reviews

I’m not one usually for commenting on films, as by and large, most modern films do nothing for me.

In the last couple of weeks however, I have seen two films which impressed me.

The first film was one Herself wanted to see – “Lars and the Real Girl”.

Lars and the Real Girl

I wasn’t particularly anxious to see it, as she told me it was a comedy about a bloke who falls in love with an inflatable sex doll.  I had visions of puerile humour which is not how I want to spend an hour and a half of my life.

However, the film was remarkably good.  There was a lot of humour in it, but it was essentially a very moving story of Lars, a man with deep rooted personality problems, excellently acted by Ryan Gosling.  There were also fine performances by  Paul Schneider as Lars’ brother and Patricia Clarkson as the doctor.

This was a film that could have been a one joke flop, but in fact was a very moving film.  Often funny, sometimes sad, it is a film that is well worth seeing.




The second film is a different genre altogether.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” is an intensely powerful story of the worst atrocities of the Second World War as seen through the eyes of an eight year old boy.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

The first thing to strike me at the beginning of the film was the incongruity of the middle class English accents in a cast purporting to be German.  That was soon forgotten though as the story unfolded.

The film was dominated by the acting of the two young boys – Asa Butterfield and Zac Matoon O’Brien.  The atmosphere was one of tension and foreboding and as the story progressed, there was a palpable feeling of horror.

This is one of those films that left me with a lasting impression, and I am unlikely to forget it.

If you have missed either of the above, then go see them.

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9 Responses to My first ever reviews

  1. Darren says:

    Saw Lars last year. Didn’t quite know what to expect. I had seen a trailer, so I knew it wasn’t going to be American Pie 8, but I certainly didn’t expect it to be so moving with such a wonderful finish.

    And The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas had me welling up. In the cinema, I looked behind me and everyone was either crying or just holding back the tears. I’m not much of a fan of emotional dramas, but this really got me.

    Have Herself forced you to watch the Notebook yet?

  2. Grandad says:

    Ah yes! That was a ‘Herself’ type film all right. She loves the romances.

  3. le craic says:

    Lars and the Real Doll was definitely a surprise to me. Wasn’t expecting it to be so affecting.

    Boy in the Striped Pyjamas left me cold. I read the reviews after the premier and thought I was in for an emotional experience. It didn’t have the same impact as the book for me. As films go, it was beautifully rendered. As an adaption of a book – I think it failed.

  4. Grandad says:

    I haven’t read the book “Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” so I had no preconceived notions. I can understand that a film is nearly always a disaapointment, but apres the film, I’m looking forward to the book.

  5. Boredom says:

    he’s great in the believe that gosling is

  6. voodoo says:

    re: the pajamas – I bought the book out of curiosity but I found it quite dull and slow moving. I guess the ending was unexpected but the fact that I had to force myself to finish it means I have no desire to see the movie.

    I loved Lars and the real girl. As well as being seriously hot stuff, Ryan Gosling is a wonderful actor. It’s a great movie, definitely one for the dvd shelf.

    The Notebook is also a great flick, I know it is the definition of chick flick but it’s just lovely, I cried, I never cry at movies!

  7. Lottie says:

    Lars was on of my favourites from last year. It was totally absorbing but I found it rather sad. The doll obviously added comedic effect but watching this lonely young man in the midst of a nervous break down there was such reality to it.

    Ryan Gosling is amazing in it.

  8. Rick O'Shea says:

    I haven’t seen Boy in the Striped Pyjamas yet but I can’t recommend Lars And The Real Girl highly enough, totally agree with you, Grandad. There are few movies like it around these days.

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