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Published on June 22nd, 2009 | by Rick


Review – Britney Spears At The 02…


Actually I was going to but Panti has done a far better job and I agree completely:


Beyonce a couple of weeks ago gave me the perfect contrast. She was truly a star in the old sense of the word; knew how to work her audience, performed to the highest level and left them sccreaming for more. Britney was a completely different kettle of corporate “show”.

I tweeted during the show that it was part Cirque Du Soleil, part Disney On Ice and I stand by that. She was onstage herself for probably about 2/3 of the show (the rest being filled in my the assembled dabcers and cast and a couple of very strange interludes where the screens came down and we were shown videos and music), mimed all but one song and danced… well not as well as you’d expect.

Don’t get me wrong, the stage set was suitably epic, the execution flawless, the fireworks flashy but this wasn’t a gig in the strictest sense of the word.

Even my photos were dire…




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4 Responses to Review – Britney Spears At The 02…

  1. That one of her arse isn’t dire.

  2. I had an awful lot of fun at this show though I can see where people were coming from. I thought she looked into personally but she does operate at a total remove from the audience. The show was stunning. I loved the interludes personally, that Sweet Dreams video is amazing, one of the best ones she has ever done.
    I had a great time at both gigs and I think her fans were happy. Maybe we should expect more (well no maybe about it, we should but still!) but what we got kept me very happy.

  3. Voodoolady says:

    I enjoyed both shows, like platinum I can see where people are coming from if they were disappointed with Britney but if you were any sort of fan you would no she nevers sings much live, you go to breathe the same air as her and the show.

  4. ciara says:

    Was @ Beyonce gig in London, I have got to saw she really does know how to put on a show. She has a lot of celebrity fans, Adele, Alexandra Burke, Katy Perry and Ciara were all in the audience that nite. Loved her version of Angel and the video of when she was 5.

    But I am a big fan of Britney too. This tour was better than her 04 tour. This time I went to one of her shows in London and the 2 Dublin ones. I was very impressed. I know she mimes I dont mind that. I just thought the show was fun, uplifting and very enjoyable. Cant wait until she tours again. Had platinum seats on saturday, so had a really good view. I think were you are sat makes the difference too.

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