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Published on July 6th, 2009 | by Maxi Cane


Competition: Are you Shameless?

I can’t help but think that Paul Abbot took more than a few creative and artistic freedoms when creating the characters for his cult massive Channel 4 hit Shameless.

According to past interviews the characters are based around family and friends and while I never doubt that people are telling the truth when they say things like this, tv needs more than fact sometimes.

This is why I love shows like this.  They take the kinds of people we all know and put them in situations we could only imagine them getting into.  Almost like bar room tales and urban legend, each episode of it has storyline(s) that are so unbelievable, they have to be believed.

“Very funny, extremely rude and brimming with inventiveness”

“A work of genius”

“Cult Viewing”

I’ll have to take the words of various reviews for granted as despite the above couple of paragraphs I’ve never watched a complete episode.  I’ve seen bits here and there.  My brother is crazy about the series and would smile like a cheshire cat when it came on.

So because I’ve never seen a complete episode, I’m not going to attempt to give a review.  There wouldn’t be any point.

So why even post about it?

A friend of mine has a small DVD shop and he had mentioned that he had recieved a lot of online orders for boxsets of the series.  Strange and out of the blue, but according to him it happens all the time wit hvarious films and boxsets.

I said that I’d never seen an episode and he reacted like I’d told him of my family held captive in my cellar.  This was a crime obviously.  Without hesitation he handed me a boxset of the complete series 1-5 (Including the feature length Christmas and New Year specials) and asked ordered me to watch it from start to finish, ensuring me that I would be hooked.

I told him I wouldn’t and before he could throw me out of his shop, I suggest I find someone who would appreciate it.  So we came up with the idea to give it away.

He also said that if there’s enough interest, we might make it a regular comp and give away more boxsets of various series.

And so we have the point of the post.


Surely there are some people who watch Shameless regularly, or maybe there is someone who has been wanting to start getting into it and just hasn’t gotten around to that part of their “to-do” list just yet.

It’s a 16 disc boxset and as I’ve said is complete series 1-5 with feature length holiday specials.



Tell me the one moment in your life when you’ve acted completely shamelessly.  It can be an embarrassing story that you’ve buried with the help of therapy or a moment so out of character you’re actually quite proud of it.

Either way, it has to be shameless.


Closing date for entry will be this Wednesday (8th July) at 5pm.

The winner will be chosen at random from the stories left in the comments.

The winner must be a nice person who will do a review of the series, upon viewing it.

The winner will from the day they win forward refer to me as a God.  Or Demi-God at least.  The wearing of t-shirts to advertise the fact will be at the discretion of the winner.  This is advised and promises of such merchandise may, but not guarantee, influence of the win.


Get to it people, and remember – shame is for the weak.



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11 Responses to Competition: Are you Shameless?

  1. Efa says:

    Hmmm this happened not so long ago. I dont really remember much, I may have been drinking! A good start eh! I was out celebrating my 24th birthday. I was talking to a guy and apparently my age came up in conversation. He thought I was 30! I was quite discusted and apparently i gave him a black eye! My friend filled me in the next day! I cant believe I punched someone!

  2. I once herded a load of cows off the road into my neighbour’s garden, which they destroyed, for no other reason other than a laugh.

  3. Ken McGuire says:

    How about in using my acting, and doing so completely shamelessly (with about 220 witnesses I might add). I happily stripped off side stage in Kilkenny (my home town) to walk in front of a 200+ crowd made up of members of the public, close friends, family – the lot – in a pair of boxers, whip out my man bits (we let the audience argue to this date whether they were real or not, but they were graphic) and proceed to inject myself…

    For seven nights in a row.

    No shame. No choice in the matter. Dignity out the window. Not exactly in peak physical condition.

    Would I do it again?

    Quite possibly…

  4. Michael says:

    I’m usually a quiet guy who wouldn’t be caught on a dancefloor, but once I (along with some friends) basically cockblocked someone so she couldn’t hookup (and go away from the club with someone) and we could all go back to her house afterwards for a consolation houseparty.

  5. Colmt says:

    I know I’m too late – but one night I put my cock through the letterbox of a chipper in the midlands in Ireland. They wouldn’t let us in and I really wanted some chips. It wasn’t done in an aggressive way, it was relatively good-spirited. Although shameless at the time, my shame has grown 10-fold in the intervening years. Although, obviously not so much that I wouldn’t tell the world about it for some free DVDs…

  6. Hey, i know it’s after the deadline, but though I’d give it a shot anyway.

    went ona session one night, proper hammered, 2 hours sleep and into work in the bar.

    There’s 2 fellas at the bar and they order food. FINE. Was feeling a bit ropey at this point, but not too bad.

    Then I went over to set the food down in front of them from behind the bar.

    JUST as i put it down in front of them, I got a smell of a manky drip tray full of stale beer, guinness, etc from the night before which hadn’t been cleaned.

    BOOM. Puked all over the bar, all over the guys food, it projected a bit and went all over them aswell.


  7. Darren Byrne says:

    Oh dear – I don’t think I’m up for sharing. I’ve done some dodgy things. I’lltell you in person over a pint.

    Can I suggest you let the competition run another few days and let the Twitterers have a go?

  8. Maxi Cane says:

    Just so happens I’m sat in a hospital waiting room trying to log in on my phone so I’ll let it run until tomorrow.

  9. Maxi Cane says:

    Right here we go:

    Giving someone a black eye for mistaking your age is a bit ropey. At that rate, Twink would be taking on a world boxing title.
    I think you deserve and ASBO, not a boxset. Be sure to wear a giant badge that declares your age next time you’re out, just in case we happen to meet!

    Even though I love a good steak, that story is a little disturbing.
    You deserve some therapy, community service time on a farm and a good vegetarian lifestyle. No boxset though, sorry.

    As a fellow acting type person (completely amateur though) I can sympathise with your story. I was also naked on stage once for the sake of the art.
    However, if you had stumbled on stage and done that while out of your face and interrupted a performance of Hamlet, randomly and not part of the show, that would have scooped you the prize. Sorry.

    Unless you plan to hook up with the person you’re cock blocking, that is unforgiveable and not worthy of celebration.
    Did you score with the person you cock blocked? That might explain it, but not condone it. For shame.

    That is quite a story. Having been a vomiter and vomitee in such similar times I can sympathise. But it was your own fault.
    Boo-urns to you.

    You shall be telling me everything in person, over a pint. It’s going to be the first topic of conversation next time I see you.

    Which means that by process of elimination, the winner is –

    What can I say?

    I’ve been drunk and gone to a couple of McDonald’s drive thrus looking for stale doughnuts in the wee hours, but I’d never subject the poor staff to the sight of my cock for the sake of a bag of chips.

    Flashing an audience for your art is one thing, waving your willy at chipper staff is another.

    Properly shameless and you have earned youself the boxset.


    Thanks to all who entered and while the winner was outside the original deadline, I had to extend it on account of me being in hospital when it came up, hence the extension.

    So ColmT, drop me a line at “rant at maxicane dot com” and we’ll arrange to get your prize to you.

    More prizes and stuff from my generous DVD shop friend soon, so stay tuned.

  10. Efa says:

    Ha ha as long as you dont tell me i look old on my birthday you should be safe enough!

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