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Published on July 21st, 2009 | by Lottie


Why So Series: Spaced

spacedShow: Spaced

Starring: Jessica Hynes (Stevenson), Simon Pegg & Nick Frost

Channel: Channel 4

Genre: Sitcom

First Aired: 24th September 1999

Concluded: 13th April 2001

The Story:

Meet Daisy (Jessica Hynes-Stevenson) and Tim (Simon Pegg), both down on their luck and out on their arses at the end of two disastrous relationships. A chance meeting  in a greasy spoon results in Daisy & Tim, previous strangers, shacking up together as a make-believe couple in order to get a great apartment which stipulates that only couples need apply.


Pegg and Stevenson are not only the stars but the writers of the series with Edgar Wright directing all 14 episodes.  “Spaced” is heavily laden with pop culture references and according to Pegg (& wikipedia) the US TV show Northern Exposure, with it’s frequent use of fantasy sequences was one of the key influences on the show. The pair pitched the show as The Simpsons meets the X-Files meets Northern Exposure.

What really makes the show work though is that the main characters are likable and there’s genuine chemistry between the leads.


Spaced Attack

The show follows a witty group of odd-ball characters who live together in a co-sharing house in London. It has a dynamic that could be likened to Friends on too much Tetley’s tea and Cider.

Aside from Tim and Daisy, there’s Marsha , the lecherous but well-meaning alcoholic landlord who  is never without her cigarette and tipsy drawl.   Then there’s Amber, Marsha’s delinquent daughter who like, Home Improvement’s Wilson or Frasier’s Merris, we never really meet.

Brian, the manically depressed artist from the  flat below. I’m never quite sure if Brian is a psychotic sociopath on the edge or just intense and sensitive  but then I think that’s the idea.

Brian is besotted with Twist, Daisy’s best-friend, who as as Tim puts it is ‘sweet, but stupid, or an evil genius’.

Finally, Tim’s “bestest bud“, Mike Watt (Nick Frost) whose life’s dream is to join the British Army but is thwarted due to pesky detached retinas.  There are suggestions throughout that Mike’s over protectiveness towards Tim actually stems from a lifelong crush. When writing Spaced, Pegg included the character and persuaded Edgar Wright to cast Frost.

Marsha loves Brian, Brian loves Twist, Twist loves fashion, Mike may love Tim and Tim…well you’re just going to have to watch it to find out.

The main problem with the series is equally it’s greatest asset – it’s short lived. After only two series, fourteen episodes, Spaced stopped at it’s peak.

I came late to “Spaced”, only catching it on DVD last year and it really is a fun, enjoyable show. The entire two series only consists of fourteen episodes so can easily be watched over a lazy weekend or a few weeks and you may find yourself wanting to watch them again to see what gags you missed first time around. And the really good news? You can get the full full box-set from Play for only €19.49.

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6 Responses to Why So Series: Spaced

  1. Steph says:

    Absolutely love Spaced & yes, you’re dead on about it’s main problem being it’s greatest asset. Off to do a little damage to the credit card now 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    I got it for €12.50 on Amazon….

  3. Voodoolady says:

    I’ve been naughty!

    Nick Frost at his best

  4. Lottie says:

    @Stpeh – It’s Like anything that you love that ends too soon. Thankful it finished before it went stale, but really really sad it’s over. There’s a relationship joke in there somewhere but Im no touching it.

    @LIsa- P&P bring it up? I find great deals on Amazon but the P&P always bites.

    @Voodoo – So Nick or Simon?

  5. Voodoolady says:

    Nick all the way. Except for that poxy boat movie, boooo. Simon went too hollywood for me. Great in Black Books though.

  6. travors says:

    Watched spaced 10 years ago when in my mid 20s and it’s still my favourite TV series today. It was the first tv show to really tap into everything my friends and I loved.
    Introduced my wife to it 4 years ago and within minutes she was laughing like a nut.

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