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Published on August 2nd, 2009 | by bngr


A map of U2 at Croker

It goes without saying, U2’s gigs at Croke Park last week end were one of the highlights of the year.  And with the help of youtube and the phones and cameras of many many fans, you too can get an idea of what it was like to be in Croker on the night, as the crowd went into a frenzy to Vertigo.

Each symbol on the map below links to youtube footage of Vertigo taken from that angle.

Check out m in the middle of the pitch for some of the crowd atmosphere. See also n on the Cusack stand, back of stage for some great views of the stadium. v is taken from side of stage but y, 1 and e from front stage capture best the song’s magic intro.


Map of videos taken at U2 360 Croke Park

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19 Responses to A map of U2 at Croker

  1. Gary says:

    Great post. I had the cheapest tickets in the house so its nice to see what everyone elses view was like.

  2. Christian says:

    Brilliant stuff – fantastic idea and pulled off perfectly – awesome work!

  3. rubot says:

    So it wasn’t 360 at all?

    people should demand half their money back…

  4. bksirius says:

    The shows at this venue were the exception–the area (Hill 16) behind the stage was deemed unsafe by the administrators of the stadium. There’s nothing U2 could about it.

  5. Ian Healy says:

    Think it was 270 degrees

  6. bngr says:

    yes it was 270 but I prefer it not to be in the round because that way the band is always facing you and not sharing it with 3 other sides.

  7. Bngr says:

    Christian, Gary – cheers.

  8. Ciara says:

    Thats so cool, thanks for that. Wish that was done for all gigs, would be cool.

  9. El Padraic says:

    Fantastic post, B. I went on the Saturday because the Kaiser Chiefs are awesome live. Shame I didn’t know you were there too.

  10. bngr says:

    Ciara – cheers. Looking up the videos didn’t take too long. Trying to format the post took a week, and still failed. Ah well. It’s there now.

    El Padraic – aw you should’ve said. What was your favourite songs on the night.

  11. donna m says:

    absolutely brilliant. ‘m posting a link to here on U2.com paid site so people can have a look at where they’ll be standing.. someone told them not to go into the pitch… but until you ‘see’ it nobody understands it. Thanks.

  12. Rick says:

    You are an insane genius…

  13. Lottie says:

    This is…AWESOME! How? Huh? Wow!

  14. bngr says:

    Donna – I found it.
    Rick – I do my best.
    Lottie – cheers.

  15. Anthony says:

    It really is brilliant.

    BTW, the points are aligned properly no matter where you view it from (front page, RSS reader) now.

  16. hugo fitzpatrick says:

    If you gave all those clips to some techno wizards im sure they could make a 3d video of the whole event if all of the clips cover similar points in the concert.

    It would be worth looking into, that is if U2 doesn’t set the lawyers on you.

  17. Bngr says:

    Thanks to Anto & Darren for steadying up my map.

    Hugo – techno wizard am I none.

  18. xActionMaNx says:

    Excellent….I was in 702 and have lots of footage on YouTube as well

  19. bngr says:

    xActionmanx – I’d love to go back.

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