Fantasy Bazaar No.3 – Five Web Comics You May Not Know

Have been away for a month, but Infected/Fantasy Bazaar is back!

This week, it’s web comics.

Most people are aware of the phenomenon of web comics these days. But without proper investigation, the chances are that you are going to miss out on some of the great less well known comics available to read for free on the internet.

Irish web comic artist, Tommie Kelly, gives us his Top 5.


This is the life of Chris Wnuk (pronounced “nook”). He’s Jewish, but nobody knows it. Why is it secret? No one knows but Wnuk. Watch him as he goes to great lengths to throw people off his trail.

Just to be clear, Chris Wnuk is not ashamed to be jewish, it’s just something nobody can know. Will we ever learn the secret of his secret? Perhaps one day. But until then this is the story of CHRIS WNUK: SECRET JEW!


A very funny, very off the wall and twisted look at life by Ryan Hudson. Updated regularly and always great.


Welcome to ward 403, aka. “Glitchtown”. The inmates here are a little weird, because they seem to think they’re in some sort of webcomic. The two current inmates, subject-a and subject-b, don’t seem to be responding to any medication so far. We’ve been monitoring them for awhile, and have been able to gather some data.


Kris Straub started this as a parody of all the other badly drawn daily webcomics that float about the net. It has turned out to be one of the best going and is slowly becoming his most successful work. Insane and wacky, but intelligent!

and of course:


Because self promotion is the best promotion!

Road Crew follows the adventures of the guys behind the scenes of the music industry. Follow Jim Soundman and his crew as they fall through the cracks of rock and roll excess!

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