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Published on August 7th, 2009 | by ekilko


Edinburgh Festival Fringe Week 0

On Arrival in Edinburgh there were boring things to take care of – hostels, insurance  bank accounts etc but then the fun begins. Planning what tickets to get! For many weeks, immense planning has gone into a complicated excel document. Try to balance show times, lengths and duration,  when i will have time off, what shows will sell out fast, 2 for 1 offer, concession prices, when relations arrive and when and what shows my girlfriend is going to. What results in is a timetable of over 60 shows, 27 to book now, 18 possibles and around 15 that i most likely wont get to see.  Then to the box office where I managed to spend over 200 pounds in my first go. However the big problem is that Andrew Maxwell and David O Doherty are sold out which upsets the entire delicate balance. Ill need to sort that out later.

Work in the Traverse begins with haste. By the time I get started the first show is already set up. Over the 3 weeks there will be 14 shows in two spaces, 10 a day, as well as three other shows in outside venues. Having done the festival last year in the Trav I know roughly what to expect, 12 hour days, physical endurance, malnutrition.

This is what the turnarounds in last years festival looked like. I’m the one in Navy!

Its still great to talk to the unknowing first timers as their naivety of what’s ahead is not only entertaining but strangely reassuring. Still there’s a fantastic sense of expectation, not only as the festival is on the cusp of kicking off, but also working at the Trav there’s a air of responsibility and pride in working in what is regarded as one of the homes of theatre during the fringe. The cafe is tranquil but in a few days will become the buzzing home of the who’s who’s and who wants to be who of the theatre world! Its really the free internet that draws them in!

Over the next few days our Traverse family will assemble as the different theatre companies arrive. The Irish show, Guna Nua’s Little Gem, arrived which was good to hear some news from home! I don’t think I will catch the show this year but its coming to the Abbey soon so thats ok! Each show gets between 8 and 12 hours to set up, built into the rotation and will run from their arrival to departure. Each set, lights, costumes are to be set up and taken down once a day.

Let the fun begin!

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Eoin is usually back stage at most gigs and shows. Sometimes because hes working on them and sometimes because they wont let him in. Eoin works in the Music and Theatre industry but comedy and musicals are his real passion.

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