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Published on August 12th, 2009 | by Will


A Prayer for the Waiting : “In Your Hands” by Charlie Winston

Title: In Your Hands
Artist: Charlie Winston
Label: Real World / Atmosphériques
Release: Out now

This is a protest song. It takes a while to realise (or one look at the video) that its not a jazz infused gospel styled number. Its not a song for dancing in the aisles, but marching down the streets (or at least dancing in them). The song is actually about immigration, something Mr Winston may know about. Despite being Tom Baxter‘s brother, Charlie (for Chaplin) Winston (for Churchill) is signed to Real Work in the UK, but most of his success (No2 charting album “Hobo” and the single “Like a Hobo” No1 for 4 weeks, proof of it not being marketing wonder) through the French label Atmosphériques (Real World is doing the UK and Irish release themselves). Then again, success Ireland got Tom noticed in the UK. Maybe its the same strategy, with added style. While, as an EU citizen, its unlikely that he has had any direct dealing with the immigration services, as an alien in France, he probably met quite a few who have had trouble.

And I love the song.

Lines like “Father, I’ve got to get out of here” and “Put my whole world in your hands” with a gospel / jazz feel make it feel like a plea to on high. The fact that the plea is to officialdom on high to aid a family back home has a nasty tinge to it. But the song has a rejoicing feel. A “if we don’t sing we’ll cry” touch.

It also passes my supermarket test. If you find yourself dancing along to the song in your headphones while at the supermarket, its a keeper.

Some RSS readers will block the embedded video. If so either follow the last link, or click through.

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