Fantasy Bazaar – The Walking Dead Week

To celebrate the release of the latest book (No.10) in ‘The Walking Dead’ graphic novel series, I’ll be posting on various Walking Dead/Zombie related topics throughout the week:

Tues – Top 5 Zombie Films

Wed – The Walking Dead – Fantasy Bazaar Review

Thurs – Top 5 Zombie Novels

Fri – The Walking Dead – the TV series

Mon – Interview with Charlie Adlard, artist of The Walking Dead

Sub City comics Dublin (@SubCityComics) have kindly donated a signed copy of the latest volume. Click here to enter the competition. Charlie will be signing at Sub City’s new store, Unit 5 West Essex Street from 1pm onwards on Sat 22 August.

Ahead of my interview with Charlie, I’m reaching out to people for any questions they’d like to put to him. Post your questions below and prepare for a zombie filled week :-)

5 thoughts on “Fantasy Bazaar – The Walking Dead Week

  • Will Knott

    Is this the “bumper” edition compiling the first 4 graphic novels (1 – 50 I think) or “just” the latest smaller collection (up to and including the story with the group going to Washington and the preacher (yeah avoiding spoilers here))

    And are you going to be a purist with the novels and books
    e.g 28 Days Later, Dead Set or Resident evil being disqualified due to the “zombies” being infected running creatures or because animals and plants can get infected.

    Also while Stephen King’s “Cell” isn’t a zombie novel, the first “pulse” as observed by the narrator (whose cell phone battery is dead, just allowing him to survive) is brilliant for the first 24 hours. Then things get just magical, sadly this isn’t a compliment.

  • Venntertainment Post author

    Excellent points here Will.

    It’s book no.10, latest in the series…should have mentioned that.

    I’m purist to some degree, but some opinions may differ. We’ll have to wait and see :-)

    Agreed on ‘Cell’ though :-)

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