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Published on August 18th, 2009 | by Rob Cumiskey


The Walking Dead Week – Top 5 Zombie Movies

Yesterday, I posted about the new release of the latest book in The Walking Dead Series. Fantasy Bazaar has put together a Zombie filled week to celebrate this fact, and today is:

The Top 5 Zombie Movies

(Don’t forget to Click here to enter the competition to win a signed copy of the latest ‘The Walking Dead’ book)

5. Rec.

One of the greatest horror movies to come out of Spain, this movie shocked audiences with it’s gritty realism. A viral outbreak in an apartment block leads to a quarantine. Also inspired an English remake (direct copy) and a Spanish and English language sequal.

4. Dead Alive (Brain Dead)

The movie that Peter Jackson self-funded and directed on weekends. Hugely influential and insanely witty and clever.

3. Shaun of the Dead

Edgar Wright’s masterpiece and the movie that propelled Simon Pegg to super-stardom, now a cult hit the world over. Not only is it a hilarious movie, it’s also a damn good Zombie flick.

2. Zombi 2 (Zombie)

One of the most influential Zombie movies, almost beats the Zombie master, George. A. Romero. Watch out for Zombie vs Shark fight. Epic.

1. Dawn of the Dead

‘Night of the Living Dead’ was the beginning. ‘Dawn of the Dead’ was the real thing. This has to be the quintessential Zombie movie, and has inspired more horror movies than one would care to think about. If you haven’t seen it, you know nothing about Zombies.


Upcoming Zombie movies: Rec 2, Pontypool and Zombieland

What are your top Zombie movies?

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9 Responses to The Walking Dead Week – Top 5 Zombie Movies

  1. Christian says:

    Evil Dead 3 – Army of Darkness

    Seriously where was it on the list, perhaps one of the most awesome undead movies EVER!

  2. rubot says:

    Aye, the original Dawn of the Dead is the daddy

    I quiet like Night and Day also.

    I frickin’ hate fast zombies.

  3. hugo fitzpatrick says:

    Great list, but i have to say i like fast zombies.

    Dawn Of the Dead (remake) and 28 days later and 28 weeks later are really good. Visceral and terrifying, and far more threatening if there ever was a zombie armagedon.

    After all, with the right tools and fortification you can beat Romero type zombies. Just don’t run out of bullets… Or just keep a lawnmower handy.

    There can be TOO many zombie stories out there but they still hold their charm, even with some people not liking “fast zombies”.

    There’s after all several types:

    Romero type: Unexplained slow moving, killed by decapitation.

    Trioxin: Unstopable. Killed only by total dismemberment. Slow moving.

    Rage Virus: Fast moving. Vicious and hard to stop. Eventually die of starvation.

    T-Virus: Hardy but slow moving. Slow infection incubation. Doesn’t starve. Disease carried by dogs and crows.

    Typical Unexplained Slow: Ambiguous, similar to Romero type if not the same.

    Voodoo Curse Zombies: Controlled by a witch doctor or mad scientist, very rare these days.

    Also did you see the Zombie maths that was just done in canada? Based on Romero zombies apparently we would inevitably lose.


    Oh and don’t forget that 28 Months Later will eventually happen, and World War Z is in development hell.

  4. Where’s the love for Planet Terror? Eh??

  5. Stan says:

    Excellent list, I’d recommend all of them to zombie fans. For a top 5, though, I’d have to find a place for Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, and possibly Re-Animator and Evil Dead 2.

  6. Interesting…love all of those. Evil Dead II is a favourite, but I rate it more as demonic possession than Zombism. Just my opinion thought. Night of the Living Dead I find to be a classic, but that Dawn of the Dead is more influential. Again, just my opinion 🙂

  7. Stan says:

    No argument here! These kinds of categories always have fuzzy borders. 30 Days Later and its sequel are in a grey area too, though I wouldn’t rate either of them highly enough for a top 10. And Romero’s Dawn of the Dead is another stone-cold classic. I love it and Night… for different reasons.

  8. fox says:

    Actually looking forward to REC” the first one was Brilliant.

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