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Published on August 23rd, 2009 | by Darren Byrne


Send a Culchie to Oz

Excuse me while I hijack Culch.ie for a moment, but we need you. Two of our Culch.ie writers are in the running for a trip away to Sydney and with your help, we can send one of them there.

Lottie and Anthony and a bunch of British bloggers were invited to London by New South Wales Tourism, where they were told about a very exciting competition. I tagged along to document the event.

Each week, the contestants are set a new challenge by 1000Heads and New South Wales Tourism. The first week saw them partake in a quasi-sports challenge (check out Lottie’s post her and Anto’s post here). Lottie thought the second challenge, Fashion Week, would be a doddle, but was late with her entry, giving Anto the upper hand. But this is not a competition between Anthony and Lottie – there’s a lot more bloggers involved.

Sydney Challenge

So, our Culch.ie authors need your help to beat off the stiff British competition. The top prize is 2 return flights plus loads of activities (Bondi surf experience, jetboat ride, blue mountains tour, etc.) PLUS, and here’s the best part, a matching package for members of their community. That essentially means people that read this site and help Anto and Lottie complete their challenges could win a trip to Oz too. Woop!

Keep an eye on TheNationalLottie.com and AnthonyMcG.com for details of the latest challenge and drop them a comment with your ideas and helpful tips.

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3 Responses to Send a Culchie to Oz

  1. Peter says:

    OK hold the phone – are you saying I could win a trip to Oz with Lottie?!!?

    Where is the giant big huge catch in all this?

  2. Darren Byrne says:

    @Peter The catch is you’ll have to come up with some ideas to help her win. The next challenge should be through today, so keep an eye on the blogs.

  3. Lottie says:

    Oh yes, any help is much appreciated. The Winners will be announced on 12th September – no time at all.

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