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Published on September 12th, 2009 | by Sinéad


Snark. What the Internet Was Made For

n. Biting, cruel humour or wit, commonly used to verbally attack someone or something. Combination of “snide” (critical in an unfair and nasty way) and “remark”.

There are of course two variations. The commentators who attack without reason, and the trolls. The Internet has always been filled with trolls, people who go out of their way to be snarky in an attempt to goad, hiding behind the veil of wit and looking down their nose at those who trip up online. Be it bad spelling, grammar, a newbie who breaks rules or flails over the unwritten etiquettes.

LamebookTaking it a step further are blogs such as Lamebook, dedicated solely to screenshots of dim-witted facebook updates and the subsequent snarky commentary from friends. You may remember the recent facebook screengrab (far right – click it to open the full image) that made the rounds (I even received this as a forward in my inbox) which actually turned out to be a hacking attack.

Recently those from the offline world have begun to fall prey to the snarky masses. It started with the Fail Blog and now a whole host of websites have popped up to entertain us with examples of human stupidity.

Hawtness – the women of WTF: Dedicated to photos of women making fools of themselves, more often than not attempting to pose provocatively, or doing so accidentally on purpose.

People of Walmart: Photos of the bizarrely dressed or acting customers of the American discount store.

Awkward Family Photos: The horror. The absolute horror.

Dads in Short Shorts: Am surprised there isn’t a subsection for Dads in white socks and sandals.

Lovely Listings: Odd finds in real estate listings, fixated on the appearance of lawn furniture and anthropomorphism. I imagine anyone that has perused Daft.ie could contribute to this particular blog.

Emails From Crazy People: Complaints and letters written by crazy people, also includes some pretty bizarre phone in complaints and letters/billboard ads.

Darwin Awards: An old school classic that has been online for eons. Using examples of the stupid ways people have killed themselves. “Honoring” those who improve the species, by accidentally removing themselves from it.

All of the above are not only entertaining examples of human stupidity, the comments in each blog post are a nod to the snarkiness of the Internet. If there are any other sites out there like those listed above, I want to know. Leave a comment and I’ll update the post with any new ones you’ve vultured online.

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4 Responses to Snark. What the Internet Was Made For

  1. oooh fascinating. Couple of sites there I hadn’t seen before. Nice one!

  2. K8 says:

    I dunno if this qualifies as snarkiness or just plain oddness but Manbabies always makes for good visual bubblegum. There are also some pretty priceless and just plain wrong comments on youtube clips too…

    Great post!!!

  3. Darren Byrne says:

    Cheers Sinead. There goes my Sunday…

  4. Sinéad says:

    @K8 Manbabies is very very weird!

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