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Published on September 15th, 2009 | by Darren Byrne


The Time of His Life

Patrick Swayze has lost his battle with Cancer and has died at the age of 57.

Swayze, best-known for his roles in Dirty Dancing and Ghost,was diagnosed as suffering from stage 4 pancreatic cancer in January of last year and died at his home yesterday.

Among his other film credits were To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar, The Outsiders, Point Break and Donnie Darko, as well as the recent TV series The Beast. But he will forever be remembered for the scene above from Ghost and this scene from Dirty Dancing.


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9 Responses to The Time of His Life

  1. Darragh says:

    i wondered who’d be first to post this here.

  2. Lottie says:

    It’s very sad. He raised a lot of awareness & support for the fight against cancer over the year an a half from his diagnosis so hopefully his legacy will be that he has saved a few lives.

    Didn’t he have the best back in Hollywood though?

  3. Darragh says:

    @Lottie – nice to see his campaigning and charity working get a mention. He did an awful lot of it, not just post diagnosis but post accident too, and inspired many who were in similar or worse situations. He worked with UNICEF and other organisations championing the proper allocation of resources to developing countries too. He also spent a lot of time mentoring young actors.

    He also inspired so many dodgy lookalike outfits and ill thought out dance tributes at weddings around the world. Scary what one role can do.

    Personally I think his best role was Donnie Darko. Scary as hell.

  4. Niall says:

    I was going to do a tribute Top 5 Patrick Swayze movie roles piece but Darren beat me to the punch. Might hold on to it.

  5. Darren Byrne says:

    @Niall Go on and post it up anyway.

  6. Emlyn says:

    Very sad 🙁

    And yes, i also thought he was at his best in ‘Donnie Darko’, very creepy and kind of inverting his other roles…I also thought he was great in ‘Point Break’ 🙁

    RIP P.Swayze

  7. Seamus says:

    RIP Patrick Swayze .. Red Dawn is one of my fave films of his, a remake of that film was rumored to be on the horizon.

  8. johnmfinn says:

    The remake of Red Dawn is well on the way. Have a look here for the casting ( http://bit.ly/IriSl ). Kirk’s dad from Star Trek (or Kim from Home and Away depending on your tastes) is playing Swayze’s role.

    Personnally I will be spending tonight watching Point Break and to quote Bodhi/Swayze himself.

    “It’s not tragic to die doing what you love.”

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