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Published on September 22nd, 2009 | by Rick


Rock Flock Of Five – 22/09/09


Muse – The Resistance

Ah lads, would you not give up trying to be Queen and make a decent album, please. This veers all over the place from alright first single to direct Queen parody to wanky synthpop to forgettable anthem banging dirgery.

Then, at one point in track 4 it just becomes Chopin’s nocturne No 2. For 2 minutes. I have no words. Then, the last 3 tracks appear to be some short type of synth rock symphony. See, Freddie Mercury could get away with that kind of self-indulgent nonsense because he was a godlike performer and stage presence. Lads, just no.


David Gray – Draw The Line

I have a problem with David Gray. Not most people’s problem, that they don’t like him, in fact just the opposite. He made some incredible albums early on, then, in White Ladder, made an album I’m still happy to listen to again and again even though radio has played the arse out of everything on it. My problem is the “since”. It’s a high watermark he has never since come close to and unfortunately this isn’t going to challenge that track record either.

Not that it isn’t nice, melodic and populist but there’s no bite and it’s generically overproduced and anodyne. He also has Annie Lennox on one track. He needs to try something radically different next time.


Jay-Z – The Blueprint 3

Yes. Simple as that. It’s full of things that are well produced (much of it by Kanye West), smart, wordy, loud, brash, pretty and the sort of thing that represents all that is good about modern hip-hop. Just go and listen to it.


Madonna – Celebration

I don’t normally cover greatest hits packages here but it is Madonna… 36 tracks of digitally remastered everything from Lucky Star to the new one Celebration. If your Immaculate Collection is feeling a little out of date this may be the one for you. In fairness too her you forget just how much exceptional pop music she’s done. Yes, for every Like A Virgin, Into The Groove or Vogue, there’s a Sorry or Die Another Day, but mostly there’s a lot to like, even if it is all skewed towards the earlier part of her career.


Richard Hawley – Truelove’s Gutter

This is just beautiful, really lovely. His vocals are so distinctive and this has been so sparsely and elegantly produced, it’s an absolute joy to listen to. Stick it on in a darkened room and let yourself drift away. A definite yes.

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8 Responses to Rock Flock Of Five – 22/09/09

  1. Niall says:

    Muse – Have it, like it. I’m a huge fan but they’ll never match Origin of Symmetry.
    David Gray – Bores me to tears.
    Jay-Z – Not a hip-hop fan so I’ll pass.
    Madonna – Just go away.
    Richard Hawley – This I will check out.

  2. Muse – reinventing Blondie one step at a time.

  3. Séamus says:

    Will check out Richard Hawley on iTunes tonight, thanks..

  4. Travors says:

    What happened to David Gray, he could have been so good? How could someone write so many great songs for one album, then nothing for any future albums?
    The only song of his (outside of the White Ladder album) that I have any time for is Flame turns blue.

  5. Darren Byrne says:

    Muse’s album was a serious disappointment. The first track was fantastic – then it just fell off.

  6. I actually quite liked the Muse album, I thought it got better each time I listened to it.

    Wouldn’t normally listen to Jay -Z but I might download that album, seems to be gettign good reviews.

  7. Ronan says:

    I’ve only listened to the new Hawley once, but I like it a lot. Not sure if it’s better than Lady’s Bridge or Cole’s Corner though.

    That Muse album is just alright.

    David G’s new one isn’t as good as A New Day at Midnight or Life in Slow Motion, but it’s good if you like him.

    Jay-Z’s B3 is no B1 or B2, but bananas if it’s not better than Kingdom Come.

    And Madonna should’ve retired years ago.

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