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Published on September 24th, 2009 | by johnmfinn


Itteh Bitteh Hipster Kitteh – 005 – Aren’t We All.

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I started out drawing cats wearing glasses, now I mostly write about music, draw cats and wear glasses. johnmfinn[at]gmail[dot]com www.twitter.com/johnmfinn

8 Responses to Itteh Bitteh Hipster Kitteh – 005 – Aren’t We All.

  1. Darren Byrne says:

    Ah Zoooooooey! How we love thee…

  2. Séamus says:

    ..let us count the ways ; )

  3. She’s just a bit – blank, like is there actually anything going on behind that face?

  4. Niall says:

    Darren, it looks like you’ve competition! On the positive side I hear that the whole marriage thing is just a phase.

  5. English Mum says:

    Aw I love Zooey too.

    In a totally non-sapphic way, before you fellas run waaaay ahead there…

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