Colonel Popcorn’s Minute Movie Mystery

If you cheat on this I’ll kill the puppy.

You may not use Google, Twitter, Facebook, the IMDB, Wikipedia, texting, emailing, phone calling, writing, and/or Jedi mind tricks or any other form of cheating.

I’m watching and I know where you live.

The puppy is really cute but it’s just curled one out on my new rug, so I don’t need much more of a reason.


Guess the movie -

  • Released in 2007
  • Warner Bros had owned the rights to the book since the 70’s
  • At one point Arnold Schwarzenegger was in the lead role with Ridley Scott directing, but production fell apart
  • Faith no More band member Mike Patton provided vocals and sound effects for the movie
  • The studio gave the green light for the film even before a script was written


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