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Published on October 6th, 2009 | by Niall


Who are you? – News from the good Doctor

For those of us who are fans, yesterday the BBC made our day with the announcement of a few Doctor Who related news items. First up, and most important, is the new logo. This will be the eleventh that the show has enjoyed and coincides with the forthcoming eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith. Smith is currently filming the fifth series of the show which is due to air next year.

Doctor Who Logo

In the meantime the outgoing Doctor, David Tennant, is still with us and is due to feature in 3 more special episodes to be shown this year. The first, “The Waters of Mars“, is due in November, which will be followed by a two-part Christmas special with the second part titled “The End of Time“. The Christmas special will also be the last Doctor Who story written by Russell T Davies, the man who brought the good Doctor back to TV in 2005. Davies will be succeeded as executive producer and lead writer by Steven Moffat, who has written several exceptional episodes of the show as well as penning the upcoming Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson collaboration The Adventures of Tintin.

In addition to the three specials David Tennant’s Doctor is set to feature in Who spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures. Yesterday the BBC  revealed new promotional shots showing David Tennant and Elisabeth Sladen ready for action. The third series of The Sarah Jane Adventures‘ is set to start on Thursday 15th October with a two-part battle against the Judoon.

Doctor and Sarah Jane
Doctor and Sarah Jane

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4 Responses to Who are you? – News from the good Doctor

  1. Andy Gaffney says:

    Steven Moffat is really going for the retro feel this around isn’t he? He also seems to have changed the TARDIS windows to look more swinging 60’s.

  2. Emlyn says:

    Sweet! 🙂

  3. Will Knott says:

    I hope its two logos side by side.

    The “double decker” style logo is very traditional for Doctor Who (since its launch) and the change of font isn’t that much different to the old ones.

    The DW Tardis looks more like a magazine logo (and a good tshirt logo). You can also bet its going to be animated (will it fade in and out of the opening logo?)

    Side by side, as it appears above, it just looks wrong. It might be the “reflections” and colours showing in the wrong place. Or a quick cut-and-paste job for the reveal. Small tweaks and it will look ok.

    Also expect new credits. Think about it, the “orange bar” current logo worked very well against a red shirt and blue shift time vortex credit sequence. This one is firmly in the cold colours.

    Maybe its a return to starfields.

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