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Published on October 8th, 2009 | by Peter


don’t you just love recycling….

me and pippa...

me and pippa...

Anybody who cracks the joke about who is or isn’t the better looking …..I’ll see you at the web awards ths weekend… 😉

Repak Recycle Week 2009 was launched yesterday and Pippa O’ Connor was on hand to give a helping hand… 😯

There was also a few blogger drinks and a bit of craic yesterday evening in the Library Bar in the central hotel. Great to catch up with the multi-talented Darragh, Steph & Niamh, Marie, Sinéad, Eoin, Darell, Jane, Joerg and others to name that turned up through the evening…. 🙂 An honour.

Now I think I’ll go do some recycling, build another garden and see if my good fortunes continue. 😆  

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Horticulturist. Yapper. Gardener. Human. Landscaper. Loves coffee. Dublin. Makes gardens. Radio Podcasts The @Sodshow. Lives in a tree in Dublin @DoneganGardens or www.doneganlandscaping.com

4 Responses to don’t you just love recycling….

  1. David says:

    Why Peter… you are the fairest of them all.


  2. Phil says:

    Well the best looking isn’t called Peter…
    See ya on sat!

  3. Bngr says:

    I bet you put this post together just to show off you with the pretty laydee!

  4. Peter says:

    *writes a cheque for a tenner and posts the brown envelope 😉
    why thank you kind sir *blushes…. then calls yer wan from the make up department 😆

    thanks for that…. maybe some fisticuffs followed by croquet on the lawn would settle this score 😉

    yes 😆

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