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Published on November 4th, 2009 | by darraghdoyle


Was Paris Hilton in Dublin yesterday? Twitterers seem to think so…

It certainly seems so. Good friend of mine tweeted this yesterday…

It was followed up by this tweet

and there were a couple of shots taken of Paris Hilton in Weirs, the big jewellery shop on Grafton Street, outside BT2 and generally making her mark on the south side…

Now maybe it wasn’t actually Paris Hilton. Maybe it’s a lookalike. I didn’t see her so can’t say. Maybe though Stu was right…

More photos after the jump:

(EDIT: Okay, it’s an advertising campaign for Mazda 3 apparently…)

‘Paris’ is one of a number of ‘celebrities’ visiting Dublin all this week to make their mark as part of the all new Mazda 3 campaign. Fans of celebrity spotting are advised to be on the lookout for some of the world’s most recognisable faces on the streets of Dublin on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. Photos – Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland.

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21 Responses to Was Paris Hilton in Dublin yesterday? Twitterers seem to think so…

  1. Amy says:

    That is so not her!

  2. Jamie says:

    definitely agree with Amy, not tall enough, not boney enough!

    here’s her official twitter too… http://twitter.com/ParisHilton

    So WHO was it????

  3. It is I saw it on the internet!

  4. I think the bodyguards are the giveaway that it’s not her + the fact that it is clearly some local dolly bird ๐Ÿ™‚ Question is who was promoting what? The shop maybe?

  5. Ian Quigley says:

    The Bodyguards are looking at her, not what’s going on around her. Hmmm ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Oh no! suckered! I can’t believe an advertiser lied to me. I am so not tweeting Mazda unless I get some free booze or a tweet fee or something.

  7. John P says:

    Doesn’t really even look like her tbh – a pretty lame stunt…

  8. Niamh says:

    @Stu – or a Mazda ๐Ÿ˜€

    Quite clearly not her in the first few photos, though her face bears some similarities to Paris. Ah well, they’ve blown their cover now who’ll care about the other ‘celebrities’ to come?

  9. Niall says:

    So this girl is getting paid to pretend to be Paris Hilton? Couldn’t they have actually picked someone who is famous for a valid reason?

  10. Ciara says:

    This is very sad isn’t it? Tragic like. Paris Hilton gets paid to undress as Paris Hilton and ‘Paris Hilton’ gets paid to dress like Paris Hilton.

  11. Kevin says:

    She doesn’t even look like Paris!

    The Naomi Campbell one looks like a dude, too. Stupid stunt!

  12. Rick says:


    I have no idea why this belongs here at all. It’s a poor and pointless attempt to get the interweb talking about a commercial product. No-one could genuinely have been fooled by her.

  13. ummm… I was… *shame*

  14. Darragh says:


    I had put this up before being made aware of what the “commercial product” was. Those tweets above are genuine. When I put this post up, I got emailed through the later photos, and edited the post to say I knew, accordingly.

    Obviously I knew it was probably for some marketing campaign, just not what, exactly like the PlayStation Egg photos I put up recently.

    Now, if you want me to take the post down, I’m glad to do so. I just need your direction on what the difference between any of my review, competition or “this is on” posts that I’ve put up previously about events, gigs, musicians or films and “an attempt to get people talking about a commercial product” is.

    I’m not being intentionally snotty or bitchy here dude, just want to make sure I’m reading your remark right.

  15. Rick says:

    Actually I think I need to expand on this.

    The irish blogosphere and Twittersphere needs to be careful how easily influenced we are becoming by PR agencies promoting a product (and no Darragh, I’m not suggesting this is what happened here, just that this has set me off on a tangent)

    Why do we care that a poor Paris Hilton lookalike traipsed around Dublin yesterday to promote a car to the point where it warrants seven photos and a huge blog post?

    Agencies are spending huge amounts of time trying to get into the good graces of all of us online types, all I suggest is that we should be very careful what of their content we use, if any…

  16. Darragh says:

    For the most part I agree. However PR is now involved in so so much – I’m seeing it from where I’m sitting anyway.

    I’ve thrown myself right into it, because pretty much every event I go to and every opportunity I get comes from that direction. A lot of what I’ve put up on Culch has come from there.

    I do this openly – make no bones about it. I do try and make sure the reader of what I write knows it as well.

    Blogs and bloggers are doing well from PR companies from a content point of view and from what they can offer to their readers. It’s a debate I’ve had with many bloggers and PR people and the general consensus I get from people is that if the client is willing to pay for it, and it’s completely up to the blogger to cover it or not, then that’s fairly okay. Win win.

    I put up the photos to (a) get people talking and (b) cos I think they’re somewhat funny. It isn’t just because it’s a PR stunt.

  17. Rick says:

    @Darragh I understand you’re not being snotty, of course but I would think the distinction would be clear.

    Competitions, reviews and upcoming events are obviously different from a fake celebrity wandering the streets of Dublin for a PR agency unless you’re writing a post about the nature of campaigns like that and whether or not they work.

    Anyway, I’m not here for direction or censorship, I don’t run the site, merely observing as a contributor.

  18. Jennifer says:

    I guess it wasn’t her since there was also Naomi Campbell yesterday who was with the same bodyguards !

  19. Peter says:

    i wonder will Paris Hilton ever come to ballyboughal for the trad session. Hopefully not.

    Personally I’d prefer MR. T

    Sincerely Peter J.F. Donegan, Dublin Ireland. [Also] Age[d] 33

    ps: zero interest in talentless ‘famous’ [?] people. bring back hendrix and the girl who sang 99 red baloons….

  20. Niall says:

    @Brandon Okay then…

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