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Published on November 5th, 2009 | by Peter


People of Ireland…. The Emergency

People Of Ireland…

the emergency

the emergency

If you are wondering why I look like such an eejit in this picture… 😆 chances are you’ve never laughed as hard as I did the day I met The Emergency.

Never heard of The Emergency before…? Chances are you’ve shared a cave with a bearded man for too long now. For the elder statesmen, The Emergency, is a resurrgance, of sorts, from those who may remember the old [ala Dermot Morgan] Scrap Saturday days. It’s a sort of spitting image without the dummys [literally] and a stage further.

out in 2 weeks...

out in 2 weeks...

Some time ago I was privelidged to meet, with Anthony, the entire cast of The Emergency [minus of course Karen Ardiff ]. We ended up in the studio having a cup of tea and watched the making of a show… we even played a much famed role in one or two of the sketches. [

The great thing about the people who play these roles is that I guarantee you, you already know all of them…. Now take those six Irish comedy superstars… pop them all on a CD [due to be released in two weeks time] and then throw them all live on stage at The Laughter Lounge next Wednesday 11th November

PS: 20% off, with this code: EMER2

The gig itself is described as:

new material from the forthcoming album plus a selection of comedic sketches that skewer our nations elected representatives  wherever they screw up. 90 minutes of forgetting about the awful mess we’re in by talking about the awful mess we’re in!

If you don’t believe me…. just take a look at what the guys did this year at Electric Picnic… Pure legendary genius at its finest… and one you really do not wanna miss. And I must add that for the first time in around 20 years my Dad will get something that he will laugh with rather than at for Christmas.

Now why oh why are the lads not back on Newstalk…?

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5 Responses to People of Ireland…. The Emergency

  1. Anthony says:

    Excellent. Looking forward to this. Sitting in the studio watching how the lads put the show together was fantastic.

  2. Peter says:

    i loved your work anthony. a true professional in the studio as always 😉

  3. Niall says:

    That video was hilarious. I need to check these guys out.

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