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Published on November 6th, 2009 | by Lottie


Culchie Catch-Up (10)

Burrrrrr it’s cold out lately but we’ve been keeping very busy to keep our temperatures up and  to ward of  the dreaded Piglet Flu.  Apparently 30,000 people contracted Swine Flu this week. Something just squeals tales of self-diagnosis for a few free days in bed.


Do a boy a favour and throw some questions at Maxi Cane.

Rick’s Flock Five in which he reveals himself to be a closet Girls Aloud fan. True story!

Darren is less than impressed with Robbie Williams’ new Album, Reality Killed The Radio Star. Random factoid, Robbie wanted to call the album Il Protagonisto (The Protagonist) but the title was  rejected as the record label executives found it too pretentious.

Keleher reviews Sharon Shannon’s new recording Saints & Scoundrels.


This Weeks “Friday Feeling” movie round-up of the good, the bad and the potentially ugly.

Staying in this weekend? Our head movie Buff has some ideas.

Or planning ahead? Check out the Trailer round-up.

Travors throws some weight behind new Irish movie One Hundred Mornings.

And the job of next years Oscar Host goes to *drum roll please*…

The Men Who Stare At Goats. What can I say? It’s like NAMA and Twitter in that I can’t explain it – just go see it yourself.

Jennifer’s Body, you see less of it than you might expect.


When even Christoper Walken can’t pull it off…


When Darren said he was going to a One-Man play about Adolf Hitler, I wished him luck and ran the other way. Turns out I was too quick to judge.

Fashion & Gossip

Paris Hilton hits Dublin. A clever advertising tactic or just plan cheeky?

Check in on Sweary for the latest scandal from Celebland.


And I thought they took their time on the Hitchhiker’s series.

It sounds like some sort of magical incantation but NaNOWriMo has nothing to do with the dark arts. Could you do 1700 words a day?

In General

A busy week for pop-culture history. Makes a girl feel old.

Bngr has more on the 20th Anniversary of the Fall of The Wall.

No, he didn’t mean it.


Niall has tried and tested Windows 7 – here’s what he has to say.


21st November – the next Dublin Burlesque Ball.

The Corona Cork Film Festival winds up this Sunday. it’s not to late to pop along.

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