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Published on November 17th, 2009 | by DJ Spider


Guest Post: I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here!

None of the Culchies wanted to talk about I’m a Celebrity… I can’t think why. It’s profound, enlightening and full of interesting characters. Ahem! Needless to say, I won’t be following the show this year (or any other year), but it seemed so wrong to be a pop culture site and not talk about one of the biggest pop culture thingies on TV at the moment. So, I put the call out on Twitter for someone to talk about this years contestants and I got a few replies. The first of which is DJ Spider (I’m unsure as to whether this is his name from birth – I thought it impolite to ask). There’s more to follow. Please make them feel welcome to the Culchie fold.

– Darren

So I’m a Celebrity – Get me out of here! has started. This time we have Lucy Benjamin – EastEnders and Press Gang actress, Gino D’Acampo – chef, Camilla Dallerup – dancer, Sam Fox – singer, model, George Hamilton – actor, Stuart Manning – Hollyoaks actor, Colin McAllister – interior designer and presenter, Justin Ryan – interior designer and presenter, Sabrina Washington – singer with Mis-Teeq, Jimmy White – professional snooker player and Kim Woodburn – TV presenter and “Queen of Clean”. Also as a ‘surprise’ Katie Price joined them on the second day. Sam Fox and Gino D’Acampo taking part in the first Bushtucker Trial was viewed by nearly 10.7 million viewers, so we’ll see if that continues!

It was fun watching the contestants jump from planes from 12.000 feet, well for us it was funny but may be not for them, judging by the look on their faces. How many “Oh my gods” did Lucy Benjamin call out before she fell out of the plane? Other celebrity’s road into town if you like, they came on horseback, well for part of the journey anyway. The only difference between the celebs and cowboys was they stayed on their horses when crossing a river! Justin made it to the other side of the river with horse in tow only to look back at fellow campers Stuart, Camilla, and Jimmy White holding their head above water without their steed. George Hamilton came into camp by foot with Kim following behind, or was it the other way. The other celebs got into camp on time before nightfall to light the fire that George had been trying to light for two hours with a flint.

You had to give it to both Sam Fox and Gino doing their first bush tucker trial and getting 9 stars out of a possible 11. It was Sam who failed to get the other two, but it’s not that she didn’t try. She was fearless, in fact I think more fearless than Gino D’ Campo nonetheless he was entertaining and did well. Lucy Benjamin said she was pooing her pants before jumping out of the plane, while Sabrina said she may pee while doing her jump. I thought it’s supposed to rain cats and dogs. Jump for cover everybody because seeing those two dropping like stones is enough to make anyone fill their pants.

So far Kim Woodburn has done the first trial since they arrived in camp, and although she hated every minute of it, she did manage to get 11 stars. It was funny to see someone who loves things clean and tidy, getting covered in cockroaches, crabs, fish guts and other nasty things ! But fair play to her, she gave it her best and came through for the camp. She even told the creepy crawlies to stop biting her boobs! Some people will say they are trying to appeal to all the social groups, they have ticked all the boxes this year, with Homosexuals, Non-caucasian, Older persons, and even an American. But as far as I’m concerned this just makes it more interesting. I will say however, these are hardly ‘A’ celebs, they are not people you see regularly. I mean when was the last time you saw Sam Fox? Although I heard Paddy Power are offering odds of 8 to 1 for Sam Fox having a number one record on leaving the jungle. I think Kim should have one instead with a rap of all her ‘lovey, dear, sweetie’ sayings!

My favourite contestant so far is actually Kim, she helps everyone, and although some might say she is a little over the top, she is 67, but still mucks in and even empties the dunny every day! I am not keen on Katie as I feel she is just capitalising on her previous appearance and also after what happened with her and Peter Andre, she has already put the viewers backs up. She had to strip off to swim through a pool crammed with fish guts and cockroaches for her first bushtucker trial, in order to earn her place in the camp, she had to try to unclip 12 yellow balls to win treats for the celebs. She won seven but was forced to sacrifice luxury items in return for basic provisions. She was given a warm welcome by camp-mates who all kissed her on the cheek. She then had a chat with the 11 other contestants.

When asked by gay designer Justin Ryan, 42, if she’d had sex with cross-dressing boyfriend Alex Reid while he was dressed as a woman, she replied: “Of course. He told me about it the second day and I thought he was mucking about. He doesn’t go around like it – it’s only a sexual thing. I don’t judge what people do.”

Ant & Dec are presenting the show as usual, and have made this reviewer laugh so much taking the mickey out of the contestants. A little interesting fact is they always stand with Ant on the left and Dec on the right so people can tell them apart. The show has also been run in America (with Jancie Dickenson) Germany, India and Hungary. It also got an award for the most popular reality programme in 2003 & 2007.

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