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Published on November 18th, 2009 | by Darren Byrne


The Apprentice Week Nine – What Happened?

Alternative Title: The Unfortunate Fall of  The Great Breffmeister

It was a sad day for fans of The Apprentice, as Breffny Morgan departed in a blaze of…whatever the opposite of glory is. The man was often the butt of jokes, made some terrible decisions, fell over and mumbled his way through pitches, but he was always entertaining and added something to this year’s show that elevated it above last year’s first Irish Apprentice. Before I go on with this week’s review,  here’s Breffer’s finest moment:

Ruth O'Dowd - Fired Week 8Last week saw the departure of Ruth O’Dowd, bringing the number of contestants down to just six. Team Cuchulainn consisted of Aoiffffe, Breff and Ger, while Platinum was Lucinda and the two Steves – Steve Rayner and Stephen ‘Ginger Boy’ Higgins. The task put forward this week was actually very tough – they were required to sell nasal strips for GSK. There were some pre-arranged sales meetings with the larger pharmacies, but a large proportion of the work was in arranging their own sales calls and convincing the buyers of the nasal strips’ merit.

This week’s Apprentice started an hour later than usual because of the latest series of I’m A Failed Celebrity, Give me a Recording Contract! but this did not affect the liveblog as we had one of our busiest weeks so far with over 120 people clicking through to have a look and over 1,000 comments over the course of the show. It’s even been played back 95 times so far. Unfortunately, we began at 9.45 by chatting about I’m a Celebrity. There wasn’t much love for it, that’s for sure.

[Comment From Claire]
seriously?! they KNOW what’s gonna happen when they go on this show, and still spend their time moaning about it. Grow up, yer profile is gettin a well needed boost…bunch of moany has beens.

As the Apprentice began there was a lot of support for Geraldine – she has plenty of sales experience and even sells beauty products. The nasal strips shouldn’t have been a problem. Cuchulainn accepted her as Project Manager after Breffny sheepishly stepped aside. Would Aoiffffe and Ger put their differences aside and work well together this week? Not a chance! Ger sent Aoiffffe off on her own for the day and barely kept in touch with her. I’m no fan of Aoiffffe, but that’s poor team management.

Stephen was PM for Platinum. He kept in touch with his team all day and was happy to give Steve plenty of room. And it’s lucky he did – Steve was a natural at this task. A great positive attitude and a solid understanding of the numbers, the discounts he could offer – he was on fire. Lucinda was very much a background character in all of this, while Stephen actually came across as pushy and “in the space” of one of the major pharmacies (McCabe’s I think).

Before we hit the boardroom it looked as though Steve was safe regardless if his team won or lost, while Aoiffffe’s large sale to one of the pharmacies, coupled with some solid sales set-ups, was likely to keep her in the running for another week at least. Ger’s poor management, Breff’s wimpy puppy-dogging, Lucinda’s apathy and Stephen’s pushiness meant they were all potentially at risk.

Aoiffe MaddenGeraldine O'CallaghanBreffny Morgan

Lucinda KellyStephen HigginsSteve Rayner

But Bill was not letting any of them off lightly. He began by actually congratulating Steve on his excellent sales and solid pitching. He was actually impressed for once. But the rest of the contestants got a grilling. He was particularly annoyed at Stephen for alienating one of the potential buyers. He seemed pleased with Aoiffffe’s big sales and it looked like she had clinched this week’s task for Cuchulainn. But……Bill revealed that Aoiffffe had promised a sale-or-return which GSK couldn’t honour. Therefore she lost the contract. This cost Cuchulainn the task and left her, Breffny and Ger in the boardroom to slug it out.

Ger and Aoiffffe fought it out admirably, but it was all irrelevent as Breffny’s poor sales and willingness to accept Ger’s sales as his own meant he could not have a place in Bill’s company. The end of an era, Breffny Morgan was sent home.

Breffny for President

In truth, it was the right time. He probably should have been sent home ahead of Ruth and maybe even ahead of  Singing Samantha, but I’m still very sorry to see The Brefmeister go home. Here’s a compilation of his best bits:

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3 Responses to The Apprentice Week Nine – What Happened?

  1. John says:

    Hi Aoiffe!. love the fact that you have gottenthis far. i think bill likes you but you deserve it. you are fab in the boardroom and on tasks.ger IS jealous of you. rooting for you darling!. xx

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