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Published on November 21st, 2009 | by Dermot


I’m A Celebrity.. Yes I’m Actually Watching It

So I’ve been watching the latest series of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. I’ve always liked the show. Some people say that the show is past its day in the spotlight and I’ve got to admit, I had the same impression too last season. I’d say I had watched the opening show last season and then I forgot that it was actually on.

This year’s show has grabbed my attention for some reason. I actually think it’s quite good. I’m not crazy. Really. I’m not 🙁

If you’ve been watching the show like myself then I’m sure you’ve read the posts here and here and know about the contestants and whatnot. Still can’t believe Kim Woodburn is in the jungle. Kim from How Clean Is Your House. Would’ve been funnier to watch Jillian McKeefe from How Clean Is Your Poo going in but I’ll settle for this. Still, I thought that Kim would’ve freaked out with jungle life with the neat and tidyness out the door for sure but she’s surprised me. Instead she’s just being an old cow.

I’ll give you a breakdown of the last few days. The highlight for me has been Katie Price having to do the last 5 Bushtucker Trials which I think is feckin hilarious. I suppose that’s what you get when you sell yourself to tabloids and tell them you’ve had 2 abortions. I wonder does she even realise how much the British public hate her.. I did feel a tad sympathetic towards her though when she had to do the live Bushtucker Trial. All those insects covering her body like a blanket must have been awful. On the otherhand, the rest of me was like – “Ha.”

Gino woke up “pitchin’ a tent” the other morning. Can’t blame him. I mean, who’s not turned on by Kim Woodburn. Mmm. Back fat.

Currently, the camp are separated. Hmm. I’ve never seen this element of a reality show before. Nonetheless, half in base camp and half in exile. Now, if you thought the normal camp was bad. Wow.. The exile one is pretty horrendous. They’ve got something crazy like 1 bed between them all. I think that’s what I heard anyway. I could’ve been thinking about my own bed at the time though.

Still, they’ve had some fun tasks besides the Bushtucker Trials. The writers and producers are really trying this year. I mean, the Holding The Button By Holding Up A Pole Challenge and the Standing In A River Pushing Your Fingers Against The Holes Of A Tube To Prevent Water From Coming Out Challenge is some truly stellar work from the “creative geniuses” of the show. The contestants however, seem to be making the best out of it. In the SIARPYFATHOATTPWFCO Challenge (Took more bloody effort to abbreviate that than copying and pasting it..) George was really trying to wind them up. Watching him squirt out the water at Kim was so funny. He’s got such a wide and infectious smile you just can’t help but smile too.

Tonight, Kim was picked to do the disgusting and dreaded eating task. With Jordan. Tomorrow’s show will be awesome.

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