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Published on November 27th, 2009 | by Lottie


Culchie Catch-Up (13)

You know, it comes to Tuesday every week and I think ‘I must start the Catch-up’ but inevitably I put it on the long finger until Friday morning comes around when I scramble, bleary eyes and uncaffeinated to put the post together. I’ll be better next week, pinky swear!

we will be Live Blogging the Late Late Toy Show from 9.30pm. With that jar of sweeties under his desk we’re guessing Tubridy will be more at ease with the kiddies than Pat Kenny ever was.


The latest promo posters for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland – I am remaining excited but reserved on this one.

It’s a musical Top 5 this week. Who else is re-he-healy looking forward to Nine?

I will be exercising my Couch Potato muscles tonight maybe with Eddie Izzard.

Personally, I wouldn’t have minded a little Shatner in the new Star Trek movie. Here’s what it almost could have been.

Niall begins his countdown of his 25 Top Movies of 2009.

This Friday Feeling: Movies in the Cinema this week will warm the cockles of your heart and chill you to the bone.

And the reviews:

A Serious Man

Paranormal Activity


Isn’t Jason Segel Swell?!

Playhouse Dublin plays Downpipe by Underworld vs Mark Knight and D.Ramirez

Glastonbury news.


All eyes are on Tubridy this evening as he takes on his first Late Late Toy Show. Will he wear a granny jumper ala Gay? Will any of the toys work live on air? We’re live blogging the Toy Show this evening if you fancy a little cringe.

The Witches of Eastwick get telly-ated then slated. Here’s what I thought.

Bipartisan cooperation from some classic British Kids TV characters. Why can’t we all just get along, eh?

If you’re in Galway in December you should try get your hands on Some tickets for Tommy & Hector’s new comedy talk  show.

RTE’s new show Val Falvey TD is worse than a wet one from Shane McGowan…according to Radge that is.


Everyone is getting their two cents in on this Series of I’m a Celebrity: Dermot’s thoughts.


Maxi won’t be shedding any tears for the Jedward Twins.

However Bngr thought they were great. Where do you stand?

While Ronan & Sweary discuss last weeks show.


Use Democracy Sensibly – The Emergency’s new CD is out this week.

And here’s some more on that.

12 Days in May finishes it’s run in Liberty Hall tomorrow night.

As does Glengarry Glen Ross in The New Theatre in Temple Bar.

An update on your efforts.

The German Film Festival in the IFI runs from 3rd – 13th December.

Fashion & Gossip

It may be too late for Cocktails but Betrice has some news of fashionable goings on this weekend.

I’m starting to wonder if Miley Cyrus and Lady Gone Gaga are one in the same. Have you ever wondered why we don’t see all of Gaga’s face at any one time?

In General/ Random Whimsy

If you can spare €5 and a minute or two of your time.

Looking for a Christmas present for that person who has everything?

Maybe we should have a suggested gifts section for a while…

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

They say it’s CGI but I’m fairly sure that was the real Will Smith.

Do you remember when Maurice Pratt was a celebrity? Or are you even old enough to remember Quinnsworth?

Bohemian Rhapsody sung by the Muppets (and we don’t mean John & Edward)

Your Culch.ie need (points finger and applies false tashe) YOU!

North Inner City Coffee shops are on the agenda this week.

Mr. Numa Numa strikes again.


Mr. Colfer is at it again with an interview from Joe Kucan on Command and Conquer 4.


Darren’s  talks about his relationship with Disney and you could win the new collection of classic Disney hits.

He’s being a very generous boss today and giving away PS3 games too.

Events – Coming Soon

This Sunday 29th November, see The Hard Nut (a movie based on The Nutcracker Ballet) in The Light House Cinema to get you in the Christmas mood.

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