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Published on December 1st, 2009 | by Kitty Catastrophe


I’ve stopped caring….

We got the internet at home this weekend so when I popped open my laptop to yahoo news, the first bit of news to jump up at me was that George Hamilton had left the jungle. Then I remembered Sh1t! We were suppose to be reviewing this for Culch.ie oops! So I guess not only reviewers but even the contestants have decided that ‘I’m a celebrity’ is woeful and they should go before they are pushed! George is the third contestant to make like a tree and get the f**k outta there. When Katie Price left so did the viewers. I really don’t care who’s doing a challenge and I really don’t care about who was knocked out and I really don’t care who’s going to win. The show has lost its appeal and I hope that this will be the last series. Flogging a dead horse might be a more apt bush tukka trial for the final show! (wha.. see what I did there!!!)


It’s true. The only reason that we were reviewing I’m A Celeb was down to the fact that we had but four fuzzy channels to choose from every evening. But now, with Actual Channels that show America’s Next Top Model, Gavin & Stacey, True Blood, QI, Top Gear and endless episodes of Two and a Half Men (that last one may not be a good thing actually), we’re finally free from choosing between I’m A Celeb or Fair City, hoorah! And as such, I’m (sort of) sorry to say that we’re throwing in our collective towel, as it were, on this one because let’s face it – it’s a terrible show. And now that George has walked, I’ll never get to hear about how he paid for that half a boob job (Was it just one that got done? Is she all lopsided now? Tell me!) so it would mean having to watch Stuart Out Of Hollyoaks trying to string a coherent sentence together, or his and Sabrina’s crap flirting. No thanks.

So it’s goodnight from me and it’s goodnight from her. Ta ta!


(Unless the Culch overlords decide they want us to talk shite about something else sometime of course??)


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One Response to I’ve stopped caring….

  1. Emlyn says:

    Oh please let this dreadful programme go the way of Big Brother…am getting sick of all this reality rubbish. Give me a good drama anyday…even of the ‘Eastenders’ variety! 😉

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