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Published on December 2nd, 2009 | by Peter


The Hazel Revington Cross Effect…

I know a lot of interesting people. Some with more diverse personalities than others. But all genuinely, great people at heart. Because of what it is I do, I suppose, as well and to an extent the route [be dum! ] I have chosen, I get to meet those who others would call mentalist 😆 in most cases, sense of humour in mind… you’d be perfectly correct in your synopsis.

To the point, I met Hazel in South Africa. Great girl already you say? Damn rightly so. She sent me a mail. Art exhibition this weekend. Mullingar. Not that far away. I took a look at her work. I was impressed. I liked it.

Anyhow here’s what the Hazel had to say…..

Some of you might not live miles away from Mullingar…. I am having an art exhibition this Friday 4th at 8pm in the Greville Arms Hotel Mullingar and the exhibition continues through the weekend (Saturday 5th 11-7pm and Sunday 6th 1-7pm). It’s also Discover Mullingar weekend and there will be bands playing, bellydancing on the street, free food etc…on the Sunday ….if ye ever wanted to sample what life in Mullingar is like!
Personally, apart from the art…. it was the ‘I can relate to this bio’ that made me say yeah….

I am a self taught artist living in Co.Westmeath.  From as far back as I can remember I loved to draw and paint and spent hours as a child, lost in myself, with my blackboard and chalks, sitting outside in the garden drawing matchstick men and butterflies.

Today I still loose myself when I paint….the medium has changed to oils and acrylics but the feeling of complete tranquillity remains the same. My paintings come straight from the heart. My biggest influences are people, places and stories that touch my life and leave a mark on my soul.

I’ll pop down and take a look. Above are just three of my favourites. Want to take a look at some more of Hazels work – check out The Remington Cross Gallery.
That aside…. reminds of this….. 😉

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3 Responses to The Hazel Revington Cross Effect…

  1. Efa says:

    Great paintings. I’m not near mullingar though!

    You gardeners did a great job out there! I got to see it on the final day!

  2. Luke says:

    Delighted to see this post. I’ve got 2 pieces of work looking for a Hazel the 3rd piece.Its xmas and I’m worth it.

    Sadly cant make Friday but see you on Saturday.

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