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Published on December 14th, 2009 | by NaRocRoc


History has been made….

He’s taken more bangs than Tiger Woods and Silvio Berlusconi combined. With more fight than Paul Gogarty. And more personality than Ryan Giggs (wouldn’t be hard in fairness). Forget about the Apprentice and the X Factor. The real story of today ladies and gentlemen, the only story, is this….

An Irishman is the new WWE champion!!!


Recently I wrote about Cabra born Sheamus O’Shaunessy on these very pages. And now the man known as both the Celtic Warrior and the Irish Superstar has turned the tables (literally) and reached the peaks of the mega sports entertainment industry that is the WWE.

In a match of “bone-crushing blows” that has stunned the WWE Universe SOS overcame the former champion John Cena in a tables and ladders matchup. He has now become one of the fastest rising Superstars to earn the WWE Title in WWE history.

Cena and Sheamus delivered a battle for the ages as each gladiator in this blockbuster bout aimed to slam their adversary through a table. In the closing moments of the collision, it appeared Cena was ready to suplex Sheamus onto a table from the top rope. But Sheamus used his raw power to shove the former champion off the top and through the table to claim shocking victory.


So good man yourself Sheamus. It’s what this country needs right now! And as they say over on the WWE site… “can anyone possibly stop the uncontrollable Irish champion”?

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4 Responses to History has been made….

  1. Sweary says:

    Ah now! There’ll be no Ryan Giggs bashing on my watch! There’s a difference between having no personality and being a good, ol’ fashioned private person, you know. Also, he’s a hotarse.

    Which is more than can be said for that neckless, knicker-clad nitwit above. So there!

  2. NaRocRoc says:

    Sorry for delay replying Sweary, I wasn’t afraid to I promise!

    Anyway, the reference was to Ryan Giggs winning BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year award. Seems a but paradoxical to me is all. Nice guy I’m sure, loyal, extremely talented professional footballer yes, but personality of the year? I’m not so sure.

    And as for hotarse? Well I’ve nothing more to say!

  3. Niall says:

    I sat on a radiator once.

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