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Published on December 19th, 2009 | by bngr


Michael Flatley’s Nemises has arrived at last

After saying goodbye to X-factor post Jedward, I moved my panel-judged reality competition needs to TG4’s An Jig Gig; the finale of which is on this Sunday at 8.30pm.

If you’re thinking Irish or Irish dancing is not your scene, you’re mistaken.  Not only is this quality competition telly, some of the dancing in it is amazing, in particular (my favourite) Irish Beats.

Irish Beats are fascinatingly good.  I know feck all about Irish dancing but I know these three young lads are brilliant to watch.  They’re modern and novel, they dance with serious power and precision and they have the look.  The week before last they danced to Daft Punk and last Sunday they danced to Snow Patrol – check this out:

With the pop song routine in the bag, they followed-up with a routine to Mozart:

The show has lots of acts trying something new with anything from cowboy music to the A-team and Thriller, but none of the acts were as talented at dancing as Irish Beats.  For me it’s the sound, strength and beats of their tapping, I can’t get enough.

This is why I think they can take on the mantel of Mr. Flatley.  Flatley may be all that with the Irish dancing, one of the people most responsbile for its resurgence and a global sell-out sensation etc, but all that body oil and pop-philosophy, it’s way too much cheese for any civil society to bear.  With Irish Beats it’s a win win, they’re talented and entertaining dancers that I think could go all the way, without the shame of egomania.

So tune in this Sunday at 8.30 to find out who wins.

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6 Responses to Michael Flatley’s Nemises has arrived at last

  1. Peter says:

    Seems like the vid has been removed

  2. Loved that show. If you can’t get anything on YouTube, try TG4’s own player at TG4.tv (look for the “Siamsaíocht – Cartlann” label in the left-hand menu)

  3. bngr says:

    Irish Beats won! yay. Well deserved.

    Peter – sorry about that. they asked me to take it down cause they’re working on putting a show together and want to save the moves for that, or something. There’s a video up there of an earlier dance they did – catch it while it’s there. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rWrUCRepR0

    Evening – it was great stuff. My second favourite was Real Deal, the 2 sean nos blokes. They so didn’t look like dancers but were great at it.

  4. Peter Balfe says:

    @ bngr – well holy crap they are good!

  5. Bngr says:

    Peter, tried to email you about the videos but the email bounced back. there’s a few more up on you tube.

    Here’s Harder Better Faster Stronger



  6. Peter says:

    Cheers BNGR – Incredibly impressive

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