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Published on December 29th, 2009 | by Amy


Giggles and Thrills at the Circus

Anyone looking for some  post Christmas cheer?  Head along to Fossetts Annual Christmas Circus held at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham.


This is my second circus of the year (previous was another well known Irish Circus) and hands down this Human Only Circus is by far better value for money (and no animal activists on the way in!)

I brought along the best critics, a 9 and 7 year old who screamed, laughed, clapped and tried to figure out the magic tricks for the two hour show!

The show is held in the grounds of The Royal Hospital Kilmainham and has plenty of free parking available outside the venue!

There are two tents, both heated! The first serving mulled wine and the usual circus candy and popcorn! This tent has a small ring where the audience mingle with the entertainers before the show and learn how to spin plates, juggle and hoola hoop! A nice touch I thought!

The show is in the main tent! A show suitable for all ages! Again I will mention it is a human only show bar a handful of shetland ponies! The two clowns who are a constant feature are hilarious and made the show! Even the  adults were in the riots! One is a Fossett himself!


There are only six more days of performances, two a day! Worth a goo!

Here’s the link http://www.fossettscircus.com/


Hope you enjoy as much as we did!



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