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Published on December 30th, 2009 | by Peter


Ed Byrne – Different Class


I have to admit I am a huge comedy fan. That aside, I got mixed responses to the mention Ed Byrnes new DVD [that I bought in HMV for 10.99] which I found a little surprising…. If you are the type that when Billy Connolly walks out on stage and says hello and you immediately laugh… then you haven’t a comic bone in your body you are merely a comic sheep.

If however you like Bill Hicks and Dylan Moran then we may be heading on the right tracks….;)

different class

ed byrne

This is Ed Byrnes second DVD. And I love it. Whats better is that its €10.99 and if you have the time the extras [unusually well worth the mention] include a very worthwhile comedy buffs comentary chat alongside Jimmy Carr where they refer to the show now and again – but more they give a better insight into the joke and the comics mind. I suggest strongly you watch this first.

Funny thing for Byrne this is only his second DVD – from a chap who’s been on the circuit for over 16 years…. quite surprising.

Without telling you all of his jokes, all I can say is go buy yourself a copy of Eds DVD. It is literally worth every cent. Ed is also on twitter as @edbyrnecomedian

On a side note… I did end up on what one can only describe as on the absolute batter the day before our big day [3 years less 3 days ago in the slaughterd lamb and then wrights for the record] – funny as you will never ever know and in hindsight not the greatest idea I ever came up with… but I will say Mr Byrne is an absolute gentleman and one of lifes really nice guys.

Here’s a little taster of the genius if you haven’t seen hime in a while….

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5 Responses to Ed Byrne – Different Class

  1. NaRocRoc says:

    I personally detest the man. Mostly because he’s still around and hasn’t anything vaguely original or even slightly funny to offer.

    He very nearly ruined Arthur’s Day in the Academy with his allround shitness.

  2. Peter says:

    Each to their own as regards the detest versus love/ like bit…. but it is a new vid and northsideness aside i thought Ed was rather good at the academy….. although not as good looking as Mz Imbruglia 😉 from a comedy point of view though – a lot of people dont get Ed/ the mighty boosh / dylan moran – but then whilst I dont like rap music…… but i’m sure emenem would invite me in for tea and strumpets if i knocked on the door with a barn brack 🙂

  3. NaRocRoc says:

    Fair enough Peter. But it’s not that I don’t get him it’s that he’s not funny and extremely unoriginal. And he drained the Academy of any atmosphere that was building every single time he did a link. Worst MC I’ve ever seen.

    And while I’m at it, putting him in the same category as Dylan Moran is questionable at the very least. But I’ll leave it there because as you say… each to their own.

  4. craig says:


    For someone whos made it onto live at the apollo and released 2 DVD’s, he can hardly be accused of being not slightly funny or origional. Fair enough if you dont like his work, but its like i hate football, but i can see the appeal others see in it, it just doesn’t interest me.

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