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Published on February 4th, 2010 | by Bryan


Vicar Street Concert For Drop Haiti’s Debt Campaign

Due to unavoidable circumstances the Drop Haiti’s Debt gig this Thursday in Vicar Street has been cancelled. A full refund for tickets purchased is available from the point of purchase.

On a hugely positive note, at the G7 summit in Canada last weekend, world leaders indicated  they are prepared to drop Haiti’s debt in its entirety in the imminent future. Full information on the status of Haiti’s debt will be posted on trocaire.org shortly.


I know there’s been a plethora of gigs to fundraise for Haiti. This one is different as it’s more about raising awareness for the Drop Haiti’s Debt campaign.

Cathy DaveySupported by many leading Irish artists, including Cathy Davey, Julie Feeney, The Chapters and more to be announced, Trócaire will host the Drop Haiti’s Debt concert in Vicar Street on Thursday February 11th.

All proceeds from ticket sales will go towards Trócaire’s relief efforts in Haiti, however the primary purpose of this concert is to raise awareness for Trócaire’s Drop Haiti’s Debt campaign. While financial assistance is of paramount importance in the immediate, in the long run Haiti will only recover and begin to build a sustainable future when its immense debt is dropped.

Ciara Gaynor, Trócaire’s head of campaigns said ‘It will take decades for Haiti to recover from the earthquake. The country must not be faced with the additional massive burden of debt repayments. Any emergency earthquake assistance must be in the form of grants, not loans, which will only increase Haiti’s debt burden in the long run. The people of Haiti have suffered for too long. Please join the call for debt relief, and help Haiti on the long road to recovery from this devastating disaster. Please support the campaign on www.trocaire.org and join the ‘Drop Haiti’s Debt’ group on Facebook”.

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3 Responses to Vicar Street Concert For Drop Haiti’s Debt Campaign

  1. Efa says:

    Has this ben cancelled??
    I saw this on trocaires website.
    “Unfortunately, due to unavoidable circumstances the ‘Drop Haiti’s Debt’ gig this Thursday 9th February is being cancelled. A full refund for advance tickets purchased is available from ticketmaster.” I know the date is wrong.

  2. Darren Byrne says:

    Hey Efa, yeah, I just got an email about it.

    *Bryan, I’m updating the post*

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