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Published on February 23rd, 2010 | by Andy Gaffney


The Meteoric Rise of Team Meteors

Honoured , nervous and wondering about the prospect of free drink were just three of the emotions that were swimming around my head when asked by the lovely Darren that my debut Culch.ie task be to cover the awfully lovely orange carpet at the Meteor Awards. And my word did I take it seriously, apart from all the messing up and acting unprofessional, obviously.

In a rather Mass Effect 2 way, my first job was to assemble a Meteors team, who in a burst of originality would become known as ‘Team Meteors’. I turned first to a young Belfastian friend who was a demon with a camera, if the rest of the project was going to go down in flames, at least the pictures would well document it. However, Laura Carland did a job so good I feel ashamed to put my name to her pictures – I will though. Secondly as the idea was to get some on the carpet interviews I needed a camera man, someone professional, a master of his craft and the work ethic of a god. Then I remembered about the possibility of free drink and gave the gig to my good friend Colm O’ Brien, bless. In true epic style Team Meteors boarded a shabby car and drove the two minutes from my flat to the R.D.S (I make a carbon boot print, foot prints are for girls), picked up our passes from the media center desk (along with some free coke and tiny burgers) and hit the orange carpet with the mission of asking silly questions and hugging Pixie Lott.

MeteorsIn recording the actual orange carpet events is where problems started. Being rather silly with a mic I messed up some of my questions. Also, living a life of sin, I apparently piddled off some god and we lost some footage. While I am still working on said footage, I will attempt to tell the story of the orange carpet as well as I can. So there we were, Team Meteors right beside the crew from The Republic of Telly, when the first of Irelands’ elite strolled down the carpet. Them, of course being a rugby player. I had no idea who they were so we waited for the second of Ireland’s most elite, which turned out to be the band Alpha Beat, who upon being asked which was their favorite Die Hard, went for the amazing answer of ‘Die Hard : Mega Hard!’ which after some discussion turned out to be the other name for ‘Die Hard with a Vengeance’. Now when the first question you ever ever ask a celebrity goes that well you relax and look forward to the rest.

Following closely were future winners The Coronas and The Script who, while they didn’t drop any exclusives like the ‘Die Hard : Mega Hard! thing’, mostly likely because they are from Dublin where the events of a Die Hard movie is called ‘Chucking out time at Copper Face Jacks’ still, were lovely. Even if talking to the a 7 foot frame of lead Script Danny O’Donoghue is rather very scary. However it is at part where disaster strikes, the mission goal for weeks, get a hug off Pixie Lott, failed, sadly her people pushed her by nearly everyone on the carpet. This was the ending of a second act of a story, where our hero is doomed to fail, the part on ‘Behind the music VH-1’ where glue sniffing in the morning seems like the right thing to do; things looked bleak.


However the wonder of Team Meteors pulled me back from the brink and we all learned the important lesson of not to judge a book by its Heat covers. Yes talking to some bloke off Hollyoaks was a complete joy and the ex Liberty Ex-er and Apprentice faller over Michelle Heaton fuelled a debate over which Back to the Future was the best, she went for two, I went for one yet somehow I think we both fell in love, my faith in all things orange carpet-y had been restored.

So after Dizzee Rascal took me far too serious it was lovely to chat to some proper legends of the game. The Duckworth Lewis Method were too of the loveliest men you could chat to, and while Thomas Walsh took the piss out of me for holding the mic wrong, he was very right to do so, but it was here during a discussion about a possible Star Wars themed concept album himself and Mr.Hannon dropped an actual exclusive, kind of, that the next album will, more than likely, be another theme that is very much British that the Irish don’t quite get, which didn’t rule out Doctor Who.


Louis WalshDuring a chat to westlife, where they gave a shout out to ‘Cult.ie’ , this was where the footage sadly stopped, still no idea why, but with this we lost the very charming Micheal Fassbender and really really uncharming Mr. Louis Walsh, so swings and roundabouts really. With this the guests were hurried up because the show was starting and we returned to our press area to drink tea and look at some screens of the awards. While I would love to give a report of the show itself, we were busy stressing over mistakes, but with this sitting and moaning it did mean finally meeting Miss. Lott for a giggle and a picture, and at the end of the day isn’t getting your picture taken with someone you fancy what life is all about? All in all Red Carpet interviews are a rather lot of fun, and while that footage is on its way, please enjoy some rather brilliant pictures by Miss Carland and if you are bored bully Darren into giving ‘Team Meteors’ more chances at the red carpet.

Andy and Pixie

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4 Responses to The Meteoric Rise of Team Meteors

  1. Sorry Neil, I like you, but should have gone to specsavers.

    Bang up job there fellas!

  2. WR says:

    Make with the video!

  3. Efa says:

    Good job, sounds lke fun!

  4. Dermot B. says:

    Jesus you look like Dermot Whealen!

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