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Published on March 12th, 2010 | by Will


Visit the Village of the Dead on the West Coast

So the village of the dead is in Ireland. No this isn’t about ghost estates but the 2007 PS3 game Folklore. For some reason the Japanese game designers decided to play with the tales of the Sidhe and the other Irish Fairy folk and make a little village on the West coast of Ireland the place where you can enter the realms of the dead.

Realms is important here, it seems that, according to the game, there are at least seven otherworlds (and a few more thanks to downloadable content) all accessible through ring forts, standing stones and odd stone arches only seen in science fiction.

The funny thing is, the Japanese version features the village of Lemrick off the coast of Sidhe… but the English language version doesn’t.

You think he could have gotten a waistcoat to fit him properly, or at least have put the tie inside. Yeah the accents aren’t that bad. I suspect they actually hired an Irish actress for the lead role. So she pointed out that the village of Lemrick is a little too close to the city of Limerick. That must be why in the English language version the action is set in the village of Doolin, Co. Clare beside the Cliff of Sidhe. Here The Escapist does a much better version of the English language opening sequence, by taking the piss out of it.

So there you have it. Either Limerick is the village of the dead (maybe during a match in Thomond Park, its oh so quite) , or Doolin in County Clare. Expect to see a battle royale with zombies at dawn.

Just remember, in this storyline, the Leprechauns aren’t after your lucky charms, they are defending their world with deadly force.


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