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Published on March 22nd, 2010 | by Lottie


Philip Morris, You’re Not My Type

Jim Carrey is not without sin, Liar Liar for instance or Batman Forever, Ace Ventura 2, The Cable Guy…cringe, but while his standard of movie making wouldn’t exactly be classed as high brow drama or even intelligent comedy we all know the man can act; Man on The Moon, The Truman Show, Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind. So as a result I am always interested to hear when he is making something with a little more backbone.

“I Love You Phillip Morris” is based on a true story “no, really, it is”. An gay-romantic-biographical drama about Steve Russell (Carrey) a good guy, family man, lawman, con-man living a secretly gay life, who, while in a stint in prison falls madly in love with Phillip Morris (McGregor).

Based on a real-life character, Steve Russell was abandoned at birth, and in the film’s glib psychology, he’s undertaking to find his real identity.  The problem with the film is that it doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be. Carrey gyrates unpredictably between a derranged Stanley Ipkiss and a more sombre, desperate character on the edge of self destruction. It’s just too erratic, Carrey is so all over the place that it renders him inaccessible – you just can’t feel for him.  McGregor on the other hand while being a vulnerable sounding board for Carrey’s possible transformation is totally wasted in the role of the supporting actor.

While very many critics are singing the praises of I Love You Phillip Morris, hailing Carrey as the second coming, I found the movie tedious, somewhat conceited and towards the end, more than a little dull.

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5 Responses to Philip Morris, You’re Not My Type

  1. Peter Balfe says:

    Nice review Lottie but woah woah woah!
    Don’t knock Ace Ventura 2! I love it!
    And you know what – Cable Guy has grown on me over the years. Only saw it again recently and its not a bad film really.
    I may just go check this one out – heard a little bit about it so I am going in relatively fresh to this.

  2. Bngr says:

    Still looking forward to seeing this.

  3. lottie says:

    @ peter- Cable Guy, now really?

    Everything is worth a chance – reviews are so subjective,the reason I will still go see Legion despite all the bad word of mouth. Come on its Angels with AK47s v Zombies – i really cant see how it could go wrong.

  4. Voodoolady says:

    Cable guy is class.

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