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Published on May 26th, 2010 | by Andy Gaffney


At the Indie Disco…

AnticsWhile I am still drinking buckets of water in order to combat the dehydration caused by the many tears shed over the Lost finale ,  another big finale needs addressing.  After nearly 5 years worth of cheap Cashels cider, gentlemen in pointy tipped  shoes  and of course fantastic music, the club night Antics is closing its doors for the last time, and while its ‘only a club night’,  it’s going to make me rather sad.

Set up by three young men, John Goucher, Craig Harper and Dave Parle it has been the home of indie kids on a Wednesday night , which also means the Harcourt Diner has been their home on early Thursday mornings (Fantastic tenders and curry dip in there).  Not to get all grandpa but I remember fondly the first Antics where myself and a couple of friends had fallen into after a Saul Williams gig in the same venue where a then masked Dave put on E-talking by Soulwax on request and we were rather hooked after that. Over the next couple of years the place saw countless sing-a-longs of ‘Why can’t we be Friends’, a good few stage invasions, a personal highlight being ‘The Antics Road Show’ and an awful lot more. While I haven’t been there as much over the last two years , mainly because of being a bit busier, a bit older maybe and the fact that Blur fans have kind of gave way to kids doing that ‘I know more than you hand dance’ (you know who you are…), I will be polishing off my dancing shoes and shaking my thing because apart from the music and great times, Antics managed back then to get a slightly over weight kid with bad hair feel cool. And because of this I will always have a soft spot for Cashels and songs about what happens when the sun goes down so I have to thank Antics for that. Also for that time hanging back stage with the Editors which was just cool.

The last Antics is on tonight (Wednesday 26th)  at Crawdaddy at starting from 11, I’ll be there getting really drunk and then more than likely re-watching the finale of Lost because if all good things have to come to an end, they may as well end together…and while drunk.

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4 Responses to At the Indie Disco…

  1. Darren Byrne says:

    Andy, what a great post. You’re really going to miss that place, aren’t you? Have a great night tonight – wish I could join you.

  2. Andy Gaffney says:

    Come along you sex pot, or too busy?

  3. emordino says:

    So, so, so many good times.

  4. Well I’ll be there.

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