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Published on May 26th, 2010 | by Darren Byrne


What’s on offer on the Culch.ie Eurovision Party Night?

EurovisionAs I type this, I’m watching the first semi-final of this year’s #Eurovision (yes, I’m also tweeting away). Some of the songs are decent enough, but a lot of them are making me want to throw my netbook at the screen. Alcohol is required.

Thankfully, this Saturday night, when the final is on, you don’t have to sit home alone, sober, watching the Eurovision. Instead you can join the Culch.ie Party in the Odeon, Harcourt Street. We’ll be watching the Eurovision, having a few drinks, eating some grub and giving away some great prizes. Surely, that’ll help you get through the show. 🙂

Gibson HotelWith thanks to The Gibson Hotel, we have a night in Dublin’s newest hotel in the Point Village for two lucky Eurovision fans. Chic, understated and right in the heart of Dublin’s brand new cultural hub, The Gibson Hotel, which opens on June 23rd, is the perfect base to kick back and have some fun in the city. They’ll even provide you with a champagne welcome in your room.

Vodafone have been wonderful enough to provide us with a new iPod Touch. We’ll be expecting you to bring your artistic talents along if you want to win that. Oh yes!

If you’re not mystified enough by all the Eurovision acts, then perhaps tickets to Keith Barry’s The Asylum show in the Olympia. Be warned – it’s not for the faint hearted (but neither is the Eurovision).

Culch.ieThe awesome dudes at GiftsDirect.com are providing us with Culch.ie Branded Champagne (yes, we’re actually that fancy). This is something you’ll want to treasure for your wedding night. Or you could just dowse me in it on Saturday – I won’t mind.

We have more prizes still to come including CDs, DVDs and some less impressive stuff for those of you who don’t behave yourselves. While we don’t have a dress code, there will be a special prize for the most Eurovisiony dressed person, AKA Best Worst Dressed.

Oh, and did we mention? When the winner is announced in Oslo one lucky table in Irlande will be winning douze pints! Why? Cos that’s how we rock and roll, kids.

Come Join Us

So, in the any-excuse-for-a-party style of Culch.ie…we’re having a party. The 55th Eurovision Song Contest is kicking off in Oslo at 8pm Irish time and when it does we’ll be gathered at The Odeon on Harcourt Street to watch the show on the big screen, eat some yummy finger food and dispense some spot prizes (all kinds of everything) to the clever and willing among you.

Sound good?

You know it does.

Niamh KavanaghThere’ll be 25 songs, 1 big screen and as many of you as we can cram through the doors and it’s FREE entry! Come along with fingers crossed that Niamh Kavanagh gets through the semis so we can all cheer like loons (it’ll be exactly like the Italia ’90 scene in The Snapper, we promise) and join us for a night of fun, frolics and cheesiness.

Everyone is more than welcome to come. If you’re a writer, commenter or lurker or if you’ve never heard of Culch.ie before today, make it your business to come and have fun with us on May 29th.

Stick a comment below to let us know you’re coming to the party or register your interest on Facebook.

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