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Published on May 27th, 2010 | by Peter


The International Comedy Cellar Wednesdays




Last night I went along to The Comedy Cellar – in The International Bar in Dublin. I really wanted to see Carmody and Jones. I shall rephrase…. they were the only act I knew that were on. Because they told me so. It’s hosted by Andrew Stanley who is a legend all by himself and can pack out an entire Vicar Street in the morning. Throw in to the line up Neil Delamere and Keith Farnan and charge me €10. This is like paying a fiver to see Barcelona play Limerick FC. It’s for nothing! Its every Wednesday and I cannot recommend it highly enough.




I’ve been dying to see the Carmody and Jones act in action. I was not disappointed. I’ve seen Dermot Carmody before. He does the Comedy Improv in the international on a Monday[run by Ian Coppinger]. I’ve met Morgan Jones in his house for coffee. Individually. Both should be certified. Their act left my belly aching to the point of convulsion where I was halfway through one laugh and another was already out there. Painful stuff at times.




I’ve seen Andrew Stanley play before. I’ve seen Delamere. I’ve bought his DVD. Another basket case when he gets going and one that will most likely headline at the upcoming Carlsberg Comedy Carnival in the Iveagh gardens.




I’d never seen Keith Farnan. A cork man, by his own admission who, by his own admission doesn’t speak with a Cork accent but describes it as Irish people talking like formula 1 racing cars.

If are going to go…. my advice. Don’t raise your arm to any question. Don’t not raise your arm. Don’t heckle on your own. Definitely don’t heckle Andrew Stanley. Don’t sit up the front or down the back. And whatever you do don’t speak in any accent that may allow your nationality or county to be found out.




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2 Responses to The International Comedy Cellar Wednesdays

  1. tcup says:

    These nights are great with KK and edinburgh coming up these little comedy shows are everywhere. I posted about the ‘no pricks comedy’ show that Jarlaith Regan does in Slattery’s there last week as well. Was great craic Ardal O’Hanlan was one of the comics. You’d pay what about thirty quid to see them in vicar street but these gigs are only between 5 & 10 euro. Ok It’s not a full set but it’s all the top comics in Ireland practicing there jokes! must catch the international bars show before the fringe festival in Scotland.

  2. Peter says:

    yip. fair point tcup. i think last time i was in the bankers Stanley was doing 5 spots in the one evening – in 4 seperate places – on foot.
    still amazing stuff…. surprised theses places aren’t jammed to the rafters every eevening considering the value for money…. and like you said the same show may cost €35 in a few weeks.

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