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Published on May 29th, 2010 | by Peter


Album Review: Oasis Time Flies 1994 – 2009

I remember when Oasis released their first album in 1994. I was 18 just and had gone to live in London. I’d bought Definitely Maybe on cassette just weeks previous. I’d just moved to Clonmel Road near the seven sisters tube station and had my guitar and cd player as standard luggage. The funny thing was Whatever came as the hidden song on the CD album only. So I bought Whatever as CD single in heathrow. Why is this important….? London to me was rock and roll. Especially for an 18 year old having just left Piltown Horticultural College in Kilkenny. Population four and a half sheep. My first sight of which was Kings Cross Tube Station. Every teenage boy to man needs an anthem from which to derive nostalgia and Oasis just handed them to me on a platter one after the other.

Forward a year or so and I remember getting a loan of the sheet music for Whats The Story Morning Glory and convincing one of the secretaries in the college to photocopy the entire thing for me. My party piece is still married with children. It goes right up to the eight fret! I could play the most of both albums on guitar – and that in college terms meant a lot of free pints. Very important. I could do the Slade, T-Rex intro rift for Cigarettes and Alcohol…. but acoustically I just ran straight into Live Forever…. still sounds class to this day.




I remember returning and moving to Waterford. The day I moved there I bought Be Here Now – the 3rd album that had just come out.

The point I make is that I have moments in my life, in split second memories that when that one tune, that one track is played – I can see exactly where I was, what I was wearing right down to that feeling that ran through me – when that one song played. As a kid, growing up I was a huge Beatle fan. I still have some of their stuff on vinyl in mono. I remember watching the anthology dvd and they asked Paul Mc Cartney what was it like being a Beatle. The  response was very much that whilst everyone else was growing up doing as teenagers and kids normally do [without misquoting… rather my interpretation of what was said] but that they were just the music to everyone elses lives.

Put in that context, Oasis were mine.



Drummers kicked out, bass players leaving – call it what you like the only thing that the boys ever did to p*ss me off was releasing Don’t Look Back In Anger – a song that became a worldwide anthem and one that meant I’d never see them play a venue type like Vicar Street/ find it extremely hard to get a ticket to any gig they ever played again. It also meant that every person on the street, in fact almost every Ibiza type/ rave house/ not my kinda dress style/ person I’d like to hang around with – could get away with playing that song and as a music lover that got on my nerves. A bit like a death metal fan listening to The Mammas and The Pappas. It just wasn’t right. That said, I know there is no TV soapstar superstar made easy story behind the Oasis scenes. It was pure hard luck and work that earned them their first album deal.


That aside, I still gigged, busked, drove my first car, built my first garden – right up to last night in the local Inn in Ballyboughal where I played Oasis on guitar – and yes despite what I have just said it was that very song that for non musical reasons could have turned me off the group entirely that I played. It maybe a singles collection, but it is one that I fully recommend. There are some songs I wish were in there – songs that ended up on the B sides album but then by the time I consider what I would have put in as my oasis collection – one is possibly hitting an entire re-release of all of their albums.

I put the album on play yesterday evening…. funny how I knew the words to almost every single song. They may call it Times Flies Oasis from 1994 – 2009. I call it Time Flies Peter Donegan from 18 – 33.

Supersonic – Roll With It – Live Forever – Wonderwall – Stop Crying Your Heart Out – Cigarettes & Alcohol – Songbird – Don’t Look Back In Anger – The Hindu Times – Stand By Me – Lord Don’t Slow Me Down – Shakermaker – All Around The World – Some Might Say – The Importance of Being Idle – D’You Know What I Mean? – Lyla – Let There Be Love
Go Let It Out – Who Feels Love? – Little By Little – The Shock Of The Lightning – She Is Love – Whatever – I’m Outta Time – Falling Down –

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2 Responses to Album Review: Oasis Time Flies 1994 – 2009

  1. Keleher says:

    Great post on Oasis and how their music was so much a part of your life. I’m an Oasis fan having seven songs from four recordings on the iPod, all great, having a Beatles feel too, would have liked to hear Lennon sing some of them.

  2. thumbs70 says:

    Thanks for the post- a great band to evoke memories by. I’m a little disappointed by the album though, dare I say it? I understand why Noel would want to select the more recent tunes, but is it definitive I’m asking myself. No. Champagne Supernova where are you? Half the World Away where are you? And many more. The album should have represented the most popular tracks because the fans are paying for it. Sorry for the rant- Oasis are in my top 5 ultimate band selection still, even after cashing in shamelessly with this faux ‘greatest’ cd.

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