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Published on June 3rd, 2010 | by Peter


3 Bags Full



I’m not for some student stuff. Well y’know you get these bands and the parents have to turn up and the gig is just rubbish. One eats the spring rolls and falafel and after two glasses of pinot grigio one makes their excuses and walks away.


Anyhow. Nice guy and neighbour Eoin Delaney [now directing media] came up to me well over a year ago with this video. We’re having a coffee and he saying about this short film he’s done and hands me a copy. It’s still there. I’m embarrassed to say. I’m embarrassed to say it to Eoin. He knows now. You know I kind of forgot.

Fast track a year or so and I’m talking to the lads at the folk club [another story] and they mentioned about this film I aparently saw that’s on You Tube. I had to take a look. And, like the Creedance Clearwater Revival vinyl you got for Christmas from Granny but never listened…. you wonder why, why, why had you not played this earlier.

It is brilliant. If RTE got these lads in…. the BBC would scrap the bill and buy guaranteed Irish.


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4 Responses to 3 Bags Full

  1. Hilary Weldon says:

    absolutely brill I enjoyed every minute of it
    pity its so short ,

  2. Lisa Sventon says:

    Wow what a great film! When the next one is??

  3. Peter Nugent says:

    brilliant video

  4. Róisin says:

    just came across this vid… where has it been all my boring tv watching life?? c’mon rte get the finger out! these boys got talent, Ró.

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