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Published on June 4th, 2010 | by Peter


Rediscover Fashion Show 2010

I attended my first fashion show yesterday. Primarily, my reasons were environmentally green and to that matter I’ve put [all] those green bits over on the green weblog. This was a fashion show. A new collection. And this culch.ie post is to applaud [or appraise] the reasons everyone else attended the fashion show yesterday evening.




Hosted by Brendan Courtney who I must say did an amazing job keeping me entertained. The collection was designed by Carrie-Ann Moran and held a candy [sweet] theme to it. With that in mind, I loved that all of the jewelery was made from real [edible] sweets.




I spoke Rebecca Kenny about the collection. Rebecca is a good friend and first year fashion design student in Colaiste Dhulaigh. More than that she has an eye for that little bit unique and [I find] someone who hasn’t been regimed in her thoughts as to what one is supposed to do in an industry.You can see how we might get on well if you saw some of the gardens I have done.

Inspired is probably the first word I’d think of but more than that it is the use of materials I would emphasise because Carrie-Ann would not have had rolls of a chosen fabric available to her. If she ran short or made an error that possibly, was that piece gone. What I take from this personally is that whilst I do feel I express myself and sometimes wonder if that is the road to take, Carrie Ann definitely has shown that expressing myself more is a proven option. At 19 years of age, to see this colection, the show and from where it all started… its simply amazing.




I also spoke to Rosemary MacCabe, fashion writer fashion with the irishtimes.com and brains behind the Irish Times fash mob fashion weblog:

The problem with putting the words “eco” and “fashion” together is that, very often, ecological clothing is associated only with hemp and hand-me-downs, but various initiatives are making moves to allow people to recognise the importance of considering clothes as “produce” and, as we might try to buy Irish or sustainable vegetables, it’s worth giving a thought to doing the same with clothing.
Ethical Fashion Week (re-dress.ie) is one such initiative, and there are frequently calls for consumers to recognise the dangers of buying “disposable” clothing – but without viable alternatives to stores such as Penneys and Dunnes, we’re often left purchasing in the knowledge that the things we’re buying will end up in landfill.
Rediscover Fashion seems to have done the very thing that’s been needed; provided consumers with a view of a future where items are not only sustainable, but are recycled and – crucially – fashionable. There’s long been a space there to be filled; now it seems it’s a space worth watching.




All  things said. I loved it. For what its worth, these are the  pieces I liked the most.

See more images of the Rediscover fashion 2010 collection

I love that bit were the designer walks out with her models at the end….

Oh…. did I say that all of the pieces were made from recycled materials and the fashion show was held in Ikea in Ballymun….. 😉

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