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Published on June 9th, 2010 | by Lisa McInerney


Freshly Seized

The best free n’ easy music downloads on the webbly this week.

In the manner of things that are free n’ easy, this week’s downloads are also chilled and floaty! Isn’t that nice and evocative? Free love, free music, barefoot and shimmying your … er, browser off. How summery of me (just don’t look outside).

This one’s from a young wan called Lail Arad, who’s rather the little smartarse. The song’s called Everyone Is Moving To Berlin, possibly for the Love Parade, which would really suit the theme of this week’s post, wouldn’t it? The song is quirky and funny and pretty, a bit like I’d imagine Sandi Thom would sound if she was any good. It also mentions bloggers, which is sufficiently ego-stroking for us. Get in!

From quirky-sweet to quirky-help-I’m-a-little-unnerved, this next one’s from a lady called Catherine A.D. Catherine’s been name-checked by everyone from David Gilmour to … well, David Gilmour should be enough for you, let’s face it. This is Missiveh, from her EP, Skeleton Songs, which apparently may yet come out in a more polished incarnation. I don’t quite see/hear the need, to be honest. If you like that, you may also fancy an earful of her gorgeous cover of Hurts’ Better Than Love. I’m either feeling the first flush of love or going through the menopause – either way, send Soleros.

Bear In Heaven is one of them post-indie-rocktronica bands, but one with a psychedelic tinge that suggests late-night philosophies over very strong coffee. If you don’t like coffee, pretend I said tea, because you should really hear these guys. Through Last.FM, they’re giving away their songs Lovesick Teenagers and Wholehearted Mess, which is a handy introduction, seeing as they’re playing Crawdaddy in August. I don’t know if they serve coffee there. Perhaps bring a flask.

More from Last.FM! Avi Buffalo have been causing quite a stir with their laid-lack indie-pop carry on, and too right, as they sound like The Monkees if they’d been swallowed by a super computer instead of by The Record Industry Machine. Honestly, this is a good thing. They’re gifting us all with their songs What’s It In For? and Remember Last Time. You must put both on your summer playlist, lest hawt people presume you’re not cool.

And lastly, the wonderful Marina & The Diamonds has released her cover of 3Oh!3’s Starstrukk as a free download, which you can grab on the little missy’s site here. I remember being extremely taken by it when I first heard it on Radio One’s Live Lounge. I was taken right out of my shoes, oh yes. And, of course, that would bring us back to being barefoot, wouldn’t it, and summer, and free downloads. Isn’t this grand?

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