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Published on June 14th, 2010 | by Anto


EA Showcase 2010 – Part 2

Part 1 of this post gave you the lowdown on Battlefield Bad Company 2: Onslaught, Need for Speed World, Crysis 2 and Bulletstorm. Right, so lets crack on and examine the rest of EA’s big releases for 2010 and beyond:

Dead Space 2:

The original Dead Space, releaseDead Space 2d in 2008, was a survival horror third-person shooter title which sold shed-loads. Dead Space 2 takes place on a densely populated space station, dubbed the “Sprawl”. We got to see a live demo where the protagonist, Isaac Clarke, is making his way through a level and encountering different types of Necromorphs (former humans turned by a virus like infection into grosteque monsters). The character model is excellent as you can rip limbs off enemies (“strategic dismemberment”) and use them to fight off others. Another sequence we were shown involved blowing out a window and having enemies sucked out into space before you attempt to hit the close switch. It’s clear that this is a big progression on from the original and it’s a title I’m really looking forward to. It’s released on 28th January 2011.

Medal of Honour:

Those who have played Medal of Honour before know that they’re traditionally set around the World War 2 theatre of operations. Greg Gootritch, the game’s producer, explains that this new title is breaking the mould by switching to modern day Afghanistan. Combining both single player and multiplayer elements, the single player is split into two types, one as a Tier One soldier and another as a US Army Ranger. We understand that the gameplay will be weighted more towards the Tier One soldier in terms of game time. EA and Dice Games are attempting to put an emphasis on realism by hiring real military consultants (spot on dialogue from enemies in Chechen and Gulf Arabic apparently). It’s a big ask to challenge Call of Duty and Modern Warfare but from the demo we witnessed, it looks sharp. Your fellow soldiers have decent AI  and they’re keen to “tell a soldier’s story”. It’s due for release in October.

Green Day Rock Band:

This one I was really looking forward to. I got Beatle’s Rock Band at Christmas and was wondering how they’d progressed the title on for the legendary American trio. The guys from Harmonix kicked the demo off by playing ‘Breakdown’ on Expert which was pretty damn impressive. It’s the first title from Harmonix to include complete albums with the entirety of American Idiot, Dookie and most of 21st Century Breakdown in there. In total there are 47 songs spanning the groups back catalogue and as usual there will also be songs available for download. The dev team have got the likenesses down brilliantly accurate even down to tattoos. There’s twice as much video content as The Beatles Rock Band and songs can be exported into other Rock Band 1 and 2.  It’s out now so we should have a review for you soon.


We got a hands on session with APB, developed by Scottish firm Realtime Studios, and it’s a lot of a fun. In this massively multiplayer online urban open world (phew) game, you choose to be either an Enforcer or Criminal. For example, within the game environment a group of criminals may rob a shop and equivalent skill level enforcers will receive an All Points Bulletin. With quite a huge environment to mess around in and thousands of players, it’s quite an experience. There’s tons of customizations you can make both to your character and the possessions they have. The developers intention was to have players recognize each other in game instead of just by nicknames. The game is due on July 2nd for PC only and they’ve got some innovative ideas around pricing so look out for that.

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  1. Brendan says:

    Into gaming, check out this youtube vid, Brink, vid released at E3, looks absolutely class… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99793bTb9Bg&feature=player_embedded

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