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Published on July 16th, 2010 | by Lisa McInerney


Freshly Seized

The best free n’ easy music downloads on the webbly.

The fact that I’m at home, sick, should make me less bossy when it comes to music recommendations (all that consumption and pernicious rickets should put a halt to anyone’s gallop) but the unfortunate thing is, kids, I’m never off. And it’s not that I’m sweating buckets trying to find songs to suit your varied hides – it’s that I think everyone should listen to what I listen to so that we all have something to talk about when we meet for all those pints you owe me. I’m still going to try and fly through this Seized, though, because I have a lot of antibiotics to abuse. Shall we?

The astoundingly great Portugal. The Man released their fifth studio album, American Ghetto, a while back, which I completely forgot to mention because I am an idiot. They’re not idiots, though. They’re the greatest thing that ever came out of Wasilla. Not that they have much competition for that one, ‘ee? You can sneak a listen to American Ghetto, and download the first track for free, on the lads’ site. And while we’re on the topic of astoundingly good bands featuring lots of beards and off-kilter indie rock, why not do yourself a mighty favour, hope over to the website, and grab Minus The Bear’s song My Time, from their latest album Omni? Ah, do. You deserve it.

Do you deserve some Annuals, though?

You do, but you have to fight for your right, your most likely being Irish and all. Annuals are an indie-rock crowd all the ways from North Carolina, and it’s not easy be a fan from that distance. I recently had a minor hissy fit when iTunes wouldn’t let me buy their new EP, because I love me a bit of indiepianoguitarrysunshine and I don’t like being discriminated against because I’m a Paddy. Haven’t you done me enough damage, Corporate America?! Anyway, you can download two lovely new Annuals songs here, thank God. They’re well worth the digging. Loxtep in particular is a gorgeous slice of country-reggae-rock. Yes, country-reggae-rock. Have you a problem with country-reggae-rock or something?

Funny thing. I’ve been banging on about Lissie a lot, but somehow I neglected to point you in the direction of the download for her wonderful song Little Lovin’. Women, eh? Sure by their very nature they’re all mouth and no trousers! Lissie played Oxegen last weekend and her voice very nearly blew the raindrops away. Very nearly. Not quite. She’s not God. She is, however, loud yet graceful and very addictive, something that could be equally applied to Miss Popular Breeches 2010, Janelle Monáe, whose ridiculously catchy single Tightrope is still going free over on iTunes Ireland if you get your arse/mouse over there right this minute. Just do it quietly, because you’d surely lose all credibility if your buddies find out you’ve not already got a copy. Tightrope is the first single from The Archandroid, which is being hailed as an “Emotion Picture”. Ruddy ‘ell, why didn’t I think of that?

If you’re the kind of dangerous lunatic who feels bad about getting free downloads, I have just the treat(s) to wrap up today’s post. French indie cutseydudes The Teenagers are willing to give you a song, but only if you pay for it with a tweet, thus soothing yer natural Irish guilt like a great slosh of Gaviscon into a curry house. Look! Aren’t they adorable?

Somewhat less adorable are the gently dour Chapel Club, who are floating along the Interpol road very intriguingly indeed. They’re after an email address in exchange for their song The Shore, which is a deal very firmly on your side, unless they plan to sell all the email addresses to the Russian Mafia. But they look far too respectable for that, so I wouldn’t worry too much. I’d just grab the track and feel all deep and meaningful instead.

And lastly, it’s the fast-becoming-Sweary’s-favourite-Irish-band Hoarsebox! While the lads record their new album, they’re giving away all five songs from their EP Cukooland. And they’re calling it The Great Hoarsebox Free Music Summer Giveaway, obviously. Check it aht!

You sign up here, instantly download two of the songs, invite yer mates along, and then the more mates arrive the more songs the band throw at you! Innit clever? That’s a seriously funky carrot at the end of a thrillingly phallic stick. Now get to it!

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