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Published on July 22nd, 2010 | by Bryan


Review: Oedipus the King in the Project Arts Centre

I adore the Project. I try to catch all of their productions. Some are truly terrible, some are sublime and many are eye opening, but the thing that keeps bringing me back is they are all experimental, fresh and performed without fear. The Project has given producers, writers and performers a safe place to be free from the constraints of commercialism and the over critical eye.

Oedipus is a tale we all know through synopsis form, but few are lucky enough to have delved deeper into the play to explore subtleties and to see the timeless relevance of the play’s themes. I was very excited to receive last minute tickets to Monday night’s production of Oedipus the King in the Project.


Directed by Andy Hinds for Classic Stage Ireland, this is certainly a contemporary setting for the play, although not quite of our time. Film noir era inspired, the play’s themes of insecurity in investigation, fate vs free will, state control and of course incestuous relations are relayed brilliantly across the evening’s performance.

We begin someway into the story, cutting to the true heart and soul of the tale. Oedipus Rex, played superbly by Andy Kellegher has unknowingly killed his father and married his mother, and even spawned several children with her. Now, with dark days having once more descended upon the nation, he must seek out and punish an evildoer to appease the Gods.

From here, this once great man is soon torn down and humiliated. Is it fate, as forseen before his birth? Or is it his own hubris and yearning for power that has caused this downfall? Pride, ego and a lack of respect for his people, are these the things that bring about his demise?

It’s the strong cast and chorus that bring this play to life. I’m not sure about the set and setting – it feels too forced and out of place. Overall, this is a solid, thought provoking play and I would happilly recommend you catch it.

It runs until 31st July. Tickets are €20 and can be bought in the Project or online here.

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