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Published on August 10th, 2010 | by Peter


10 New Green Questions with Comedian Paddy Courtney

warning: contains scenes of #doyouknowanto

I’ve never met Paddy Courtney before. I’ve never seen him live gig it. I do however know his work. I have also seen him on tv.

Paddys been on the circuit a while now and by all accounts played an absolute stormer at the recent Carlsberg Comedy Festival. That aside he is without any doubt a really nice guy. We hooked up in Portmarnock for a cuppa. On arrival he offered to take a photo for 3 girls who just happened to be standing nearby. They were delighted. So Paddy ran off with their camera.

Culch.ie is a deadly site

he told me….

I absolutely love boggers….

He’s a ball of energy. A fantastic brain…. and  also an absolute gentleman. What I had to cut out included commentary on everything including why he likes Eric Lalor. A lot. 😉

Paddy is doing some stuff with 7up free in which you can have a laugh at him trying to do random great outdoors stuff. The beauty on that is you have  a chance to nominate the 7th gig that he does. The other side is a cool enough competition in which you can win a bbq at your house with Paddy as the host.  Not bad ?

For the moment just sit back and enjoy and have a laugh. I know I did.


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    I think Anto has my ladder too.

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