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Published on August 12th, 2010 | by Will


A new Bioshock?

Let me begin with saying “I know nothing”. I simply stumbled across this video released by Irrational Games.

Bioshock struggled to get a plot that worked for Bioshock 2, as there was never meant to be a Bioshock 2. One of the early suggestions was that Jack Hans (or Jack Hands, the hero from the first game never really got a proper name) took the plasmids and technology to the surface and made his own empire.

Actually the new DLC pack where you are trying to rescue the Little Sisters for Tannenbaum makes a bit more sense than awakening the first successfully bonded Big Daddy.

Well, maybe Jack aimed higher. Or Andrew Ryan started again?

And doesn’t the girl towards the end look a lot like the model for Eleanor?

If you can’t get the story to stay underwater, shoot for the sky.

Yeah, I’m looking forward to getting more information.

Update: More information…

From Irrationals Games Ken Levine (and that URL might shift)

So when we started the sequel, we said to ourselves: “We want to expand on those core principles, but beyond that, there are no sacred cows.  Everything else that people know or think they know about BioShock is open for negotiation.”

You will find yourself in a completely new world.  Columbia is not an unknown secret city at the bottom of the sea.  It’s a creation of an America transforming from a regional agrarian collection of states into a world power with global reach.

You now play an actual character, and not a cypher who is unaware of his own identity.  You are Booker Dewitt, a particular character with an established history, with a voice you will hear as he talks to himself and others in the game.

You’ve come to Columbia for a reason: to find a mysterious young woman named Elizabeth and bring her safely out of the city. She will travel with you, interact with you, and react to the situations you cause to happen, and through your relationship with her, we’re able to tell the story of this new and amazing world.

This world of Columbia presents radical differences in scale from what you are used to. You’re not crawling through corridors on the ocean floor, claustrophobic with the weight of the ocean bearing down on you.  Instead you find yourself navigating through huge environments, zipping around on Sky-Lines at eighty miles per hour and getting into firefights at ranges of two thousand yards.

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