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Published on August 14th, 2010 | by jentertainment


Salt Review

Angelina Jolie plays Salt, a CIA agent accused of being a Russian Spy planning to assassinate the Russian president in order to create a nuclear war. Just whose side she’s on is the mystery that unfolds throughout the duration of the film. Even though we follow Salt throughout the entire film, we never really bond with the character. Of course, this is a clear decision by director Phillip Noyce to make sure that the viewer does not expect the twists and turns of the plot but as the film follows the conventions of the genre pretty rigidly and predictably, you end up feeling that the character is simply distant and you can’t care much what her motivations are as a result.


The storyline spirals the viewer through a series of twists and turns that are interesting in the beginning, but by the end create so many plot holes that renders the film altogether senseless. There is no lack of action in this film however, it is a very fast paced escapade that although entirely unrealistic is entertaining to watch. Car chases, shoot outs and some punch ups flow nicely making sure you never have to sit through a dull stint of dialogue.

After looking forward to this film for a long time, I can say that I was underwhelmed overall. If I anticipated this film to be a mindless action movie rather than an enthralling thriller, I would have regarded it more warmly. It is rumored that Tom Cruise was originally set to play Jolie’s character but chose the leading role in Knight and Day instead. I don’t think that the film would be as appealing if Cruise had played the part. Without Jolie in the mix this movie could have been a lot worse but her presence alone makes it worth watching. Whether she’s rolling off the top of a truck or very realistically disguised as a man, she’s not a boring character to watch. Salt will definitely grab your attention and keep you entertained but it won’t give you much to think about afterwards.

Recommended for: People who like the Bourne trilogy, fans of Angelina Jolie, action movie enthusiasts.

Not recommended for: Don’t go see this movie expecting a realistic mind-blowing thriller. It won’t deliver in that respect but if you want to see some great action sequences with a very appealing female lead, then go for it.

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2 Responses to Salt Review

  1. Emlyn says:

    Hmmm, i thought the trailer looked like entertaining hokum a la Bourne, so may check this out so. Great review!

  2. Thank you, if you’re a fan of Bourne, you’ll definitely like it. I never got into the Bourne franchise myself. Hope you enjoy it!

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