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Published on August 20th, 2010 | by Andy Gaffney


In Search of an old TV Friend

Claiming that you love TV and take it just as seriously as other people do their massive book collection is sometimes greeted with a reaction that you have just fallen out of a tree because you lost your balance by attempting to throw your own poo at a prospective mate, which is a little unfair. While this can be quite a rare thing, people being rather snobbish about TV is a hot button of mine along the same lines of constantly uploading photos of your own dinner on ‘Facebook’ and taxi drivers who take that turn up on Baggot Street when they think I am too drunk to notice just to get a few more cent out of my tiny tesco value cocktail sausage like hands, people saying ‘wow you have small hands’ may also be one actually. Chances are in fact if someone does say ‘Oh I don’t even own a TV you tiny handed commoner’ their laptop or PC is so full of programmes its probably about two episodes of ‘The Wire’ away from imploding. This year has been practically brilliant with the likes of ‘Ashes to Ashes’ and ‘Lost’ offering finales that would make a Terminator cry and also contained all of TV bowing down to the genius of Steven Moffat with the stunning ‘Sherlock’ and the, all round better than a chicken fillet burger while pissed at 4am, new series of ‘Doctor Who’.

However with it being the summer, TV seems to come to be a bit of a slump at the moment with nothing to really look forward to week after week apart from the brilliant Simon Amstell showcase ‘Grandma’s House’ and the sort of heart breaking new series of ‘Entourage’. With this I find myself falling back in love with shows that have been missing for a while, from the only a little while ago ‘Phoenix Nights’ to my first ever crush Babs Bunny in the TV movie ‘Tiny Toons : How I spent my vacation’ (Yes I know she was a rabbit…and now an underage rabbit, but it seemed fine at the time). However the point of this post is not simply to give out about television snobbery it is to ask a favour to my fellow TV brethren. I need to find a much,much loved show from my childhood.

A very happy memory of mine was one day at the local video shop (as they were called back then) they had a huge box of old Betamax tapes, seeing as the shop had gone completely VHS, my lovely mother did a deal and picked up the entire box. Oh the joys that were to follow,  such classics like ‘‘Ice Station Zebra’, ‘20,000 leagues under the sea’ and the utterly crap ‘Firefox’. The magical box did not just have films of course, there were golden cartoon moments such as ‘Racoons : The Movie’ and the too good to be true ‘Best of the Road Runner’, each night a different video would go on the Betamax in my bedroom. There was one though,  that would go on more than any other, and now because that  box is god knows where, I feel this show may be lost. Its name  was ‘Dinosaur Rescue’ but apart from this tiny bit of information the rest is all half memories, and with my tiny sponge like memory that can only soak up so much information, there is a danger that with the next picture of Karen Gillian I save, these memories may slip away forever. The bits I can remember is that the animation beautifully married traditional and claymation, and that the plot saw the U.N. put a team together to, well rescue dinosaurs. If it helps anything along, the name of the helicopter they used may have been called ‘The Donkey’.  The main three problems here. FirstlyI have long attempted to search on the Internet only to be constantly spoon feed something called ‘Diago’s Great Dinosaur Rescue’. Secondly, chances are it was a translated film and that the title is not what is known best as, and problem three, for all I know it may have been a mad fever dream caused by living too close to an industrial park as a child.

It could be something easy I am missing or it could be a Grail like impossible search, but fellow lovers of TV, I come to you for help. If you have any information I promise, in payment,  that the next time I hear someone acting smugly about TV I will shout at them until they come back to my place and watch ‘The Stone Cutters’ episode of ‘The Simpsons’, that will shut them up. Who knows I might even give them a few custard creams. Also the hand thing in case you’re curious isnt a ‘Beadles About’ deal, being a small lad of 5’7, everything is in proportion, sadly.


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5 Responses to In Search of an old TV Friend

  1. Sweary says:

    I feel your Dinosaur Rescue related pain. I’ve been known to search the internet for days looking for anything from kids’ TV show Wildfire, which I remember being crazy about. All I could find was the Spanish intro. No good. However, I did manage to buy the entire first series of Dogtanian on DVD, which pleased me.

  2. Niall says:

    The show was called Kyoryu Tankentai Born Free.

    If there’s video of it anywhere online I will find it.

  3. Andy Gaffney says:

    Niall you utter legend.

    Sadly its not a translated version but we’re making progress


  4. Sinead Keogh says:

    I’m guilty of that “You have tiny hands!” thing. 🙁

  5. Sweary says:

    I, too, have pointed out small hands. Although it’s because I think they’re adorable!

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